Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI January 2010

Day de Dada Recycle Art Tour

Day de Dada Recycle Art Tour

 Art Recycle with Day de Dada 

Second Saturday Staten Island January 9th 2010      

 On 1/9/10 artists met at Chateau de Dada to reuse, reimagine and recycle donated and found art, paintings, prints, poems and sculptures thereby creating new artwork. It was decided to take an art piece called “Heart” on tour to all the Second Saturday venues adding to the piece at each stop.    At the end of the night it was declared “done! ”       

Start "Heart" at Chateau Dada

6:00 pm Start "Heart" Piece at Chateau de Dada

10:00 pm Finish "Heart" Piece at Cafe ETG

10:00 pm Finish "Heart" Piece Cafe ETG

 Stops on the Recycle Art Tour included Chateau de Dada, When Television Attacks, Assembly Room Gallery, Blue Mohawk Lounge, Show Gallery, Staten Island Museum, Top Flight, Creative Photographers’ Guild, Cargo, Art at Bay, 15 Cent, Mandy Morrison and Cafe ETG.

  Day de Dada Art Recycle Art Tour Slideshow            

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