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Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI March 2010

March 25, 2010

Day de Dada Exquisite Corpse 

Chateau de Dada Exquisite Corpse

On 3/13/10 artists met at Chateau de Dada for crepes and poetry.  Random poems were generated using an online dada poetry generator.  Results were immediately read aloud and instantaneously posted to Facebook.

Delicious  sweet and savory crepes were served.

We then went to several Second Saturday venues including 15 Cent, Art at Bay and the Assembly Room.  We created Exquisite Corpse Poems and read them out loud.

Poem for a Delicious Second Saturday

chateau dada saturday delicious poems
chateau de dada crepes second
bay traveled poems saturday cent
crepes second galleries savory cent
crepes saturday traveled savory cent
de crepes saturday 15 cent

 John Foxnell Exquisite Corpse

completely ‘exquisite you to on
Phone ‘exquisite from a audio
records to create anyone the
Phone is game that from
that to anyone on can
Poem is that other players

Phone Poem is a completely free ‘exquisite corpse’ style game that records words from you and four other players to create a nonsensical audio poem that anyone on the internet can hear.

It’s like MadLibs, except with a phone.

You can play right now by calling 310-734-4390! It only takes a minute, and then you can pass the game on to a friend if you like.