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Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI July 2010

July 17, 2010

  Merzhalle @ the Atelier de Merz

On Saturday July 10th, 2010 Day de Dada joined the Merzhalle docent staff.  Welcome ! Willkommen !

Reuben Sandwich, the Merzhalle Museumsdirektor  says “Merzhalle is on a par with a German Kunsthalle .  Whereas the Kunsthalle is a museum without a collection the Merzhalle is a collection without a museum” And Dada is Art without art and Day de Dada is art with Art.  And so it goes. Merzhalle Badge

Once we arrive, the Official Merzhalle Greeter administers kisses to all.  Welcome to the Merzhalle


A rose is a rose and La Vie En Rose.  The Pink Lady sings us along the path to Art.Pink Lady at the Merzhalle


 Once inside the Merzhalle the docents lead tours of all the famous Art work.  Is that a Georgia O’Keefe referencing the BP Oil spill ?  A Leonardo DaVinci hinting government malaise ?  A Picasso ?  Mary tells all.           Docent Mary C at the Merzhalle

 Satisified that all art is well and oh well, that’s art we leave the Merzhalle for now.   Til next Second Saturday, Staten Island……