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Fluxfest Chicago Art Nurse Creative Pulse Report: 2/19/11

February 19, 2011

Taking the Creative Pulse at Fluxfest 

Fluxfest Chicago Art Nurse Creative Pulse Report:

Tell us about any scars caused by art:

  • Sgraffito
  • Back hurts from doing college art projects.
  • All scars & changes lie beneath the surface.
  • I painted a punk rock album in a high school art class.  The teacher didn’t like it.  I though it was pretty good fo my first & only artistic atempt.  I have never attemtped to paint again.
  • I carve in a checker box sort of thing into my wrist.  It looks a lot like this even though it looks crazy it looks like a checker print.
  • Once I sew my scars though it heals: felt inside.  I wasn’t so I sew to try to use the pain as art.
  • I have more hair and my voice has gotten lower.  When I climb the rope in gym class, I feel funny.
  • Descending the staircase, fell into the arms of a waiting venus.  Got all wet.
  • amputation of 6th (vestigal) finger.
  • Paper cuts
  • I was making a snow flake and I cut myself with my scissors.
  • In the palm of my hand from scraping a palette with a razor blade.

Tell us something we need to know about your creative brain.

  • It operates the best while working on a given project and adapting that project to my own.
  • Works best when presented with a problem to solve.
  • I’m a jerk !
  • I can’t really put it into words.
  • I am creative.
  • I am a teacher.
  • Art has caused me to smile for the whole day.
  • I compartmentalize the way I approach art.
  • I draw from what’s around me.
  • Mental Scars.
  • It is always in motion.
  • I play piano, violin, viola and bass.
  • I can make a game to play within 5 mins.
  • It is always in motion.  It is always in motion.
  • It is very wide and undiscovered yet.  Unfortunately !
  • I’m nervous when it is unnecessary.  Sometimes just accepting that leads to greater creativity.

What body part do you use the most when you are being creative ?

  • Eyes – straining to see the light trying to know want invincible eyes.
  • My arms and it feels good.
  • Stomach – tight flutter, excited, twisty, tight
  • My heart, and it feels freeing.  My heart feels bigger and more open.  When I collaborate it’s like a bunch of hearts beating together.
  • My stomach.  It vibrates.  It hurts a lot but it never hurts when I’m beeing creative.  I love feeling my stomach living, talking.
  • Right Hand – Relaxing.  I can tune out everything around me, and focus on a single task.
  • I use my hands, I constantly have to feel everything I am doing.  I can feel the emotion flow through it.  It’s incredible.
  • wrist – liberating & sometimes painful.
  • Hands warm.
  • Head big.
  • My eyes; it makes my head hurt.
  • My brain feels like it has eyes, ears, and feet when I am being creative.
  • My brain because I think of ideas. That’s pretty much where all my art comes from, my mind.  I use my hands and eyes to execute those ideas but they originate in my brain.
  • The pencil bit me.
  • Feet * not bad today.
  • Eyes.  They feel strained.  I need to see what I am making / creating in order to actually produce something.
  • My head


How does creativity affect your body?

  • It puts holes in it and metal things in the holes.
  • Positively
  • Infectiously & with rage and intimate tenderness.
  • Sometimes it makes me cry and my head aches.  Sometimes it makes me feel egotistical.  Sometimes it floods my body with a feeling of excitement.  It can be confusing.
  • I feel like writing poetry.
  • Whenever I feel down or sick expressing my creativity releases a great feeling through my body.
  • I feel part of a bigger world.  My body is satisfied.
  • It gives me energy.  It is what I live in.
  • Go Liberation movements.  Tweet On!
  • It makes me happy 🙂
  • My hat has attached to my head.
  • Makes me ache, makes me tired, makes me long for more.