Day de Dada at the 2011 Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival

 Marginal Arts Festival Roanoke Virginia

2010 Marginal Arts Festival in Roanoke Virginia.    And Day de Dada was there.  Along with the Art Nurses, Big Liar (was he there? are you sure ?) and the Art Grant Fairy.  The 3 Art Nurses cured a few art works at the Taubman Museum, soothed a few artistic bruised egos and were crowned Queens of the Festival along with King Ralph.  Dada Dollars were freely dispensed to the worthy and the unworthy.

Stuffed animals were unstuffed and restuffed into new and twisted forms, bubble wrap exploded and pianos were “re-tuned.”  Art was paraded and reconstructed with puppets, drums and accordions.

  And an Art Rat finally, bravely ran to the ground but (I’m sure) will rise again next year.  We wondered – Can ladders reach that high?  or just chairs at the Labyrinth…. and can that many events happen at the same time ?  Yes, they can.

First – there is Fluxus Piano Push

Then –  there is Fluxus Piano Music

On Saturday, the crew at the “Flux Mazz” gave out bread freely and applied it vigorously with the loaf and one piece at a time.   Zierle and Carter collected what we treasure and set it free.  A little rain did not dampen spirits – the Marginal Arts Festival will ride again!  

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