Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI March 2011

  Today,  Saturday March 12th, 2011 Day de Dada artists meet for “Dada a Gogo” a mobile,  virtual venue for Second Saturday Staten Island.   We are visiting Art at Bay, Atelier Mertz, Open Art Surgery, The Assembly Room, Deep Tanks, Small, Love and 33 Cent.  The question we are asking: “What do you see?”



 Lumen Art Off at Art at Bay 5-6pm  “What do you see?”

  ooo yeah, naked women and empty space, wires, white walls, black and white collage and in the back room some industrial paintings that I like.  I see a friendly atmosphere.

Art, I like what I’m looking at now. I like the use of pencil or charcoal. I like the depiction of the human form. This all new to me.

I see amazing paintings.  Industrial scenes, buildings, dust coated, water tanks, images of towers, water towers smoke stacks, furnaces that used to burn steel in Bethlehem Steel.  All oil, very colorful, bright colors, shading , some fine lines, detail in some, very reminiscent of Charles Demuth and Charles Scheeler of the Percisionist Movement.

I see a seaside art venue, packed with Chili Chompers.

There is a great fixin’s bar for the chili, extremely impressive.  3 D people and 2 D People.



Assembly Room 6:30 to 7:30 pm “What do you see?”

Music, set up, equipment, stuffed animals laying dead on the floor, spattered art framed in gold with red strigs/liflines connecting them.  I see silver glitter belts, layers of houndstooth, tall girls in layers of patterned fabric, tops hats and ritualistic sacrifices. 

I see chaos yet coherence.  I see the reimbodiment of imagination, um, I see the truth.  All I see is crazy shit.  I see dreams of bababies dancing and masks bursting into dust.  That’s where I saw the aliens.

I see a lot of new art and young people.  I like the  photos of the girl with the tape on the mouth.  The Barbie legs are very unusual it makes me want to do something like it.  There are certain social aspects in the pieces. 


“What do you see?”

Oh Viv, amazing, it’s like Andy Kaufman.  Off the record, both the best and worst childhood at the same time.

Deep Tanks 8 to 9 pm “What do you see?”

I see um, white radiator grids and dead fish.

I see um, primary colors .

I see beautiful butterflies emerging out of their coccoons, I  see lots of Rorsach Ink blots, and lots of happy people.

I see artists working, forests, men, sorry somebodies, my Mom, responding to stress.

Over  there, someone.  I don’t know them.  Should I know them? Hmmmmm

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One Response to “Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI March 2011”

  1. fhsi Says:

    Nice speaking with both of you yesterday. Don’t know if you’ve already seen this. But if you would like to print out a copy of excerpts from the Forgotten History of Staten Island on 8.5 x 11 pages you can go to this link, (It’s 8 pages.)

    Click to access excerpts-from-the-forgotten-history-of-staten-island2.pdf

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