Video Art at “Wish Show” Staten Island Art Culture Lounge

“Wish Show” Video Art on View at the Staten Island Culture Lounge – July to September 2015

1. “Optic Echo” by Aaron Oldenburg (1:00)
2. “Now I’m Beautiful!” by Cat Del Buono (1:31)
3. “Chief Resource Management Series: Brushing” by Ellen Mueller (1:54)
4. “At the Same Moment” by Ezra Wube (3:00)
5. “Eye” “Lips” by Lisa Marie Patzer (2:17)
6. “Double Time” by Kaihei Hase (1:00)
7. “New Video Game” by Heather Freeman (2:28)
8. “Life’s Like a Potluck” by Phoebe Blue & the make baleaves and Audrey Bear (3:15)
9. “River of Silence” by Jonathan Johnson (2:38)
10. “Ashes of Him” by Veronica M. Gabet (3:18)
11. “Bottle Pop” by Jae Epps (1:04)
12. “What Do You Wish For?” by Viv de Dada (2:39)

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