Dumpster Cookies at ETG

The Dumpster Cookies brought their fast and freaky Performance Art to ETG Book Cafe recently where they made a stop on their East Coast tour. The Cafe cleared the floor putting the tables and chairs up on the stage and let the Dumpster Cookies have at it. Props were tossed out to the audience, tiny hats were donned and masks worn – our disguises part of the show.  The Dumpster Cookies danced.  Per Dumpster Cookies own description, the performance fuses “pre-recorded music, dance, theater, sculpture and projections … set in a world of animal instinct, mob mentality and jungle night terrors.”

Rebecca Jane and Blake Godesy, are a multiple disciplinary performance art duo known as “Dumpster Cookies.” They use societies unwanted “trash” and up cycle it into Interactive Art. They hail from Charleston, Carolina and formed in 2011.

“One of our favorite things is people interacting with our art,” Jane says. “We make people masks. They let people become interactive. It lets them realize that they’re in it … so everybody in the audience is in a costume with us. They’re part of it. They’re part of our installation.”  – so Dada !

“being in the surround” -Rebecca Jane


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