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Art All Day with Arts on Division

September 14, 2019

Art on Division’s Annual Art Festival   “Art All Day”

September 14, 2019 Somerville, NJ


Day de Dada asked: “Hey Somerville! What makes you Happy?” Share your happy memories and thoughts to celebrate Art on Division 2019.

“Wonderful great downtown & people”   “Kind people in a kind town”

“I Love Art Festivals!”   “Stay Happy, peaceful, joyful, and loving Somerville”

“Happy thoughts in Somerville, land of smiles, cute shops, great restaurants, friendly people, Yeah !”

“Spending time with friends and family on a beautiful day ❤

“Creating art and sharing it with people makes me happy! ”

See more photos at “Happy Memories Happening ” by Day de Dada at Art on Division


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