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Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI December 2010

December 11, 2010
Glow at the St George Ball - Day de Dada

Slide Show from "Glow"

On Saturday December 11th, 2010 Day de Dada artists met at the Staten Island Museum  for “Glow” at the annual St George Ball.

The “Glow” Art Party included performances and installations on every floor of the Staten Island Museum.  Partygoers were able to greet a gorilla, find out their net worth as a walking talking art piece, choose a pat down or a hug, watch interactive  projections on the wall, meet a Dragonfly and sample a special dada brew.  Psychoanalysts were on hand to turn deepest dreams and desires into poetry.  Installations included sculptures of fantastical animals, the shifting lights of Clowntrodden, black and white figures and florescent rocks.  Even the plastic cups used at the celebration turned into a family of walking sculptures.  All together over 20 artists participated and helped to create a dada filled evening with a willing audience and a museum that knows how to throw a party.

Artists who participated in Glow include:

Brendan Coyle   “Clowntrodden”

Amanda Curtis   “Prismatic Mouse”

Michele Guttenberg    “Mistress of Wearable Art”

Viv de Dada    “Dotty for Dada”

Mark Semanchik and Taylor Moore   “Minute 15 Random Chance DJ”

Domi Clout   “Crystal”

Phil Sanders   “Wun(der)Kammer/a”

DB Lampman   “Cup Garden”

Richard Plunkett   “Elephant, Polar Bear and Deer”

Jim Jeffers   “Close Encounters (Superhero Action)”

Typewriter Girls   ” The Poetry Cure”

Tamara Wyndham    “Pocket Lady”

Minnie Van Driver   “Miss Eau de Dada 1927’s Good Taste Tastes Good Salon”

Louis Vassar Semanchik   “The Greeting Gorilla”

Mary Campbell  “Dragonfly de Dada”

Barbara Lubliner   “Lady Muscle Celebrating Powerful Nurturing Women in the Ranks and at
the Helm of the Staten Island Museum”

Leslie Lowe   “Radiate”

Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI November 2010

November 13, 2010

On Saturday November 13th, 2010 Day de Dada artists met at the Newhouse Gallery to celebrate the opening of  “Cave Dwellers” by Don Porcella and for the “Great Dada Absurd Food Giveaway.”  Tidbits were prepared at the gallery by trained artist/dada/chefs for the discerning art audience.  “Swedish Fish and Gherkins anyone?”  Great Dada Absurd Food Giveaway

The Dada hors d’oeuvres and moveable feast also stopped by Against Da Grill, Deep Tanks and Wine Life.  At each place, the charming silver trays bedecked with doilies and tiny cups of goodies were welcomed with rapturous cries of  “Oooo, what’s that?” and “Is that really edible?” Please pass the tray of mini marshmallows, capers, olives and goldfish and don’t forget the dipping sauce!

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Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI October 2010

October 14, 2010


 Second Saturday Staten Island, October 10, 2010 Day de Dada and Atelier Merz celebrate the opening of the Impromptu Gallery at the “Lighthouse and Bridge Sculpture” at 1 Bay Street, Staten Island and use the abandoned, fenced in base to hang found art, pet art, children’s art and impromptu art. 

Chi Chi Cocktail Party at the Impromptu Gallery Second Saturday Staten IslandWherever you are there’s a gallery.  Bring stemware, bring art and dress to kill – now you have a Chi Chi Cocktail Party. 


Art Lovers at the Impromptu Art Gallery

Even the devil likes art and a good cocktail

Day de Dada says "Art is going to the dogs"

The Art Crowd at Chi Chi Cocktail Party

 Second Saturday at Siah Armajani's "Lighthouse and Bridge" Staten Island

Day de Dada at Second Saturday Staten Island – you never know where we’ll be or what will happen next….

Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI September 2010

September 15, 2010

   Second Saturday Staten Island, September 11, 2010 The Waffle King receives his subjects surrounded by his loyal subjects and the lovely Lady Waffle in Waiting and the Dauphin, Prince Eggo III          

 Lady Waffle in Waiting, the Waffle King and Prince Eggo III        




 The following interview was conducted by Day de Dada with the Waffle King over the course of one evening at various Second Saturday SI events.   

 Q: What are your thoughts as Waffle King?          

 WK:  “Hmmm as Waffle King I think a lot about waffles, waffles not only on the weekend but waffles at beakfast, lunch and dinner.  I wish to build my castle in waffles. If that is obsession, so be it!”     


Waffle King shares the Golden Waffle 
 Q. What’s your advice to young wafflers?         
 WK: “Embrace the waffle within. Seek out the sweet syrup and delightful dinges. Spread Nutella to all you meet.”  


Waffle King greets his subjects.        
Q: Prince Eggo III will rule one day. How will he be able to live up to your legacy?         
 WK: “He shan’t.”      
Q: There are those who claim the Golden Waffle has mysterious miraculous powers. What do you have to say about that?           
WK: “The Golden Waffle does have mysterious miraculous powers – it has the ability to make people full when they haven’t even eaten. Many peasant revolutions were over turned by the mere presence of the Golden Waffle. It’s origins are obscure but its power is potent. Just ask Sara Palin. …… She laughed at the Golden Waffle but now…. who is chuckling…. Look at Her ! She spurned the waffle but Obama embraced it in fact he makes a wonderful Chicken and Waffle if you ever have the opportunity.”           
An Elf and the Lady in Waffle Waiting cook up a plan        

Q: When will all the waffles be freed?   

  WK: “Not in my lifetime but in the lifetime of my packing tape child.”           

Waffle King cozies up to Coahsi       

Q: Who does the Waffle King love?           

 WK: “Any exective directors that I can find, yum yum. I like them in a nice stew with baby root vegetables and a waffle of course.”           

Q: Waffles seem to be everywhere these days. Why do you think that is?     

WK: “Because people have discovered the truth about waffles. They are perfect food, savory or sweet. Perfection. They make me feel happy, complete and satisfied. A waffle with speculoos  spread is soooo good. The world is finally appreciating the power of the waffle. ”           

Q: What was the best part of Second Saturday Staten Island?    

 WK: ” Kicking back with the masses at Red Martini. Taking some of the weight off my crown, being adored and having a cocktail.”           

 Good Night Sweet King – till next Second Saturday SI       




Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI July 2010

July 17, 2010

  Merzhalle @ the Atelier de Merz

On Saturday July 10th, 2010 Day de Dada joined the Merzhalle docent staff.  Welcome ! Willkommen !

Reuben Sandwich, the Merzhalle Museumsdirektor  says “Merzhalle is on a par with a German Kunsthalle .  Whereas the Kunsthalle is a museum without a collection the Merzhalle is a collection without a museum” And Dada is Art without art and Day de Dada is art with Art.  And so it goes. Merzhalle Badge

Once we arrive, the Official Merzhalle Greeter administers kisses to all.  Welcome to the Merzhalle


A rose is a rose and La Vie En Rose.  The Pink Lady sings us along the path to Art.Pink Lady at the Merzhalle


 Once inside the Merzhalle the docents lead tours of all the famous Art work.  Is that a Georgia O’Keefe referencing the BP Oil spill ?  A Leonardo DaVinci hinting government malaise ?  A Picasso ?  Mary tells all.           Docent Mary C at the Merzhalle

 Satisified that all art is well and oh well, that’s art we leave the Merzhalle for now.   Til next Second Saturday, Staten Island……



Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI June 2010

June 18, 2010

   Polymorphous Twizzlemedia Confluence 

or ” The Eyes Have It All Over the Typewriter Girls”

On Saturday June 12th, 2010 Day de Dada meets at ETG Book Cafe for Mary Campbell’s eye opening exhibit of mandala collages on the theme of Goddess Ankamma. 

  Mary Campbell Mandala Collage Goddess Ankamma - Guardian Hindu Goddess Ankamma has 1000 eyes and keeps protective watch on her devotees. 


The Eyes Have It    The Eyes Have It   The Eyes Have It   The Eyes Have It

Artists paint third eyes on audience members while poet Wil Wynn leads a guided meditation.


  Meanwhile The Typewriter Girls The TypewriterGirls are a performance art troupe from Pittsburg, PA who strive to embody the Comte de Lautréamont's creed "poetry must be made by all."

turn a dada eye to

interactive, typewriter poetry, gifts for dada artists,

games for dada audiences, improv, art, and an exquisite corpse.

Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI May 2010

May 11, 2010


Art in a Van

On Saturday May 8th, 2010 the van is parked at the Doorway Gallery,  Art at Bay Gallery and the East Harbor Coffee House.

People are invited to enter the back seat of the van one at a time and instructed to fasten their seatbelt.  Mary C  and Viv Dada  are in the front seat.  Viv Dada asks the passenger, “Tell me a story about riding in a car.”  Mary records the answers.



Once the story is done, Viv Dada says, “We’re here.  Thanks.  Be careful getting out of the car.”  The passenger takes off their seat belt, gets a piece of candy from Mary C and gets out of the van.

Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI April 2010

April 28, 2010

bozo and friends second saturday staten islandBozo – Dada – Friends      

On Saturday April 10th, 2010 Day de Dada artists met at the Staten Island Museum       

for Zippity Dada Sing-along with Minnie Van Driver. “Tiny Bubbles” & champagne punch. “Yes, We Have No Bananas”  & photo ops with Bozo.      

Then it was on to Art at Bay where Happy Birthday and  cheers rang out for one and all for the blindfold orchestra. Dazed de Dada, Day de Dada, Day de Bozo.      

Bozo and friend at Art at Bay

Firing Squad ? no it's the Blindfold Orchestra at Art at Bay

Bozo and friends second saturday staten island

Music, art, serious discussions with art lovers. Bozo really "gets" the Post Neo Absurdists.


bozo and friends second saturday staten island assembly room gallery

And on to kisses and mutual admiration.

 Second Saturday Staten Island with Day de Dada and Bozo coming to a location near you !    

Bozo and friends second saturday staten island

See you at the next Second Saturday Staten Island !





Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI March 2010

March 25, 2010

Day de Dada Exquisite Corpse 

Chateau de Dada Exquisite Corpse

On 3/13/10 artists met at Chateau de Dada for crepes and poetry.  Random poems were generated using an online dada poetry generator.  Results were immediately read aloud and instantaneously posted to Facebook.

Delicious  sweet and savory crepes were served.

We then went to several Second Saturday venues including 15 Cent, Art at Bay and the Assembly Room.  We created Exquisite Corpse Poems and read them out loud.

Poem for a Delicious Second Saturday

chateau dada saturday delicious poems
chateau de dada crepes second
bay traveled poems saturday cent
crepes second galleries savory cent
crepes saturday traveled savory cent
de crepes saturday 15 cent

 John Foxnell Exquisite Corpse

completely ‘exquisite you to on
Phone ‘exquisite from a audio
records to create anyone the
Phone is game that from
that to anyone on can
Poem is that other players

Phone Poem is a completely free ‘exquisite corpse’ style game that records words from you and four other players to create a nonsensical audio poem that anyone on the internet can hear.

It’s like MadLibs, except with a phone.

You can play right now by calling 310-734-4390! It only takes a minute, and then you can pass the game on to a friend if you like.

Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI February 2010

February 13, 2010

Calling all Venues Second Saturday February 13, 2010

 Calling All Venues with Day de Dada
On 2/13/10 artists met at Art at Bay. 
It was decided to call all  the Second Saturday venues and ask them “What’s on Your Mind Right Now?”  Calls were made between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm
whats on your mind right now?

Top Flight Gallery

whats on your mind art at bay ?   whats on your mind Mandy Machine?  whats on your mind cargo cafe?
Calls  included  Assembly Room Gallery, Blue Mohawk Lounge, Valentine Cave, Richies Lot, Show Gallery,  Top Flight, Creative Photographers Guild, Cargo, Art at Bay, 15 Cent, Mandy Machine, Parish Grill, and Cafe ETG.