Day de Dada – Current Events and Happenings

Day de Dada Logo is a cooperative of performance artists based in Staten Island, NY

spontaneous, experimental performance art pieces with audience participation & interaction

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2021 Events


HOME SWEET HOME – Mail Art Workshop with Day de Dada

Join Day de Dada at the Hands-On Mail Art Workshop at:

“Stapleton Saturdays” on Van Duzer Street, Staten Island, NY,  Sat 7/31/211, 1 to 5pm, Free

“Art All Day” on Division Street, Somerville, NJ, Sat 9/11/21 1 to 5pm, Free


Day de Dada Tiny Bubbles Mon 6/21/21 6-7pm

Join Day de Dada Performance Art Collective at the W.E. Callaloo Patch Community Garden, 334 York Avenue in Staten Island for a one hour performance of “Tiny Bubbles. ”  Make Music NY event

Go to the Day de Dada Facebook page or click here to learn more.


Day de Dada Art Nurses at “Art in Odd Places 2021”   Sat 5/15 and Sun 5/16, 2021

The Art Nurses help heal the stress of the past year and attempt to bring the world into a playful balance with surprising diagnostic methods and imaginative cures.

Part of “Art in Odd Places Sixteenth Annual Public Art and Performance Festival“ taking place from Avenue C to the Hudson River along 14th Street in Manhattan, NY.


Day de Dada Online Monthly Meetup

World Collage Day Meetup – Sat, 5/8/ 21   4 pm est

Day de Dada members will take a quick look at their favorite Dada collage artists (Höch, Hausmann, Arp). Then we will take about 15 minutes to create collage based on a challenge and then share our work.

Be prepared to work with a magazine or other collage material, and a glue stick, other glue, tape or stapler.

Please RSVP to to get the link to the online event.

Magical Mandalas with Meg Graham and Day de Dada

Day de Dada 3rd Sunday Online Monthly Meetup

Magical Mandalas  – Sun, 4/18/ 21   4 pm est

Come explore the Cosmos with Magical Mandalas. Artist Meg Graham will lead us in creating mandalas, the geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically.

Go to the Day de Dada Facebook page or click here to learn more.


Day de Dada 3rd Sunday Online Monthly Meetup

Micro Memoirs Sun, 3/21/ 21   2 pm est

Workshop led by Elizabeth Klein to “get out your feelings, share your history and be heard!”

Go to the Day de Dada Facebook page or click here to learn more


Fluxfest 2021 is a two day virtual performance art festival.

March 20th will be live performances via Zoom. March 21st will be a Facebook Watch Party.

Sign up Now !


Day de Dada 3rd Sunday Online Monthly Meetup

Sock Puppet Burlesque Sun, 2/21/ 21   4pm est

Bring a Sock Puppet  we will use them to make a lively group performance video.

Go to the Day de Dada Facebook page or click here to learn more


Day de Dada 3rd Sunday Online Monthly Meetup

Day de Dada Prognosticator Laboratory Sun, 1/17/ 21   4pm est

What creative projects are you planning for 2021?
Let get together and hear what’s coming up for everyone.

Go to the Day de Dada Facebook page or click here to learn more

2020 Events


4th Annual Day de Dada Holiday PartySun, 11/20/20  4pm est

Day de Dada members meet to celebrate holidays together with food, drink and a fun Secret Santa exchange. Food and drink will be BYO, but the secret Santa will arrive in your mailbox!


Day de Dada 3rd Sunday Online Monthly Meetup

Day de Dada MASK querade Sun, 11/15/ 20   4pm est

Transform your identity! Surprise us!
This month we will meet up wearing our original masks, and that means whatever you consider a mask to be – top, bottom, full face or ??

Go to the Day de Dada Facebook page or click here to learn more


Day de Dada 3rd Sunday Online Monthly Meetup

DADA “TZARA” Zine Workshop – Sun, 10/18/ 20   4pm est 

Learn methods to create a simple Dada “TZARA” zine, where you will fill your new blank zine layout with images and words you randomly pull from available magazines or other printed matter.


Day de Dada 3rd Sunday Online Monthly Meetup

Day de Dada Imagination Generator – Sun, 9/20/ 20   4pm est 

Spontaneous creative development exercise to free your brain, experiment, percolate.  Look at your projects in a new way and add a twist.



August 1-2, 2020

Day de Dada How to Logo

“How to Video” with Day de Dada – June 2020

Create a 2 minute video showing “How To”

Day de Dada Does Zoom PartTwo Picture“Day de Dada Does Zoom” Part Two – Sat  May 9, 2020

An experiment in social distanced interactive performance.

Day de Dada Does Zoom - Part 1“Day de Dada Does Zoom” Part One – Sat April 25, 2020

An experiment in social distanced interactive performance.


This event has been cancelled and will be rescheduled to a later date


Fluxfest 2020

Fluxfest 2020 Mail Art 02

Day de Dada at Fluxfest 2020, Los Angeles, CA


2019 Events


A Celebration of Art, Culture & Community on Staten Island


Saturday, December 21, 2019  Staten Island, NY



Hey Somerville! What makes you Happy? At this year’s Arts on Division Fall Arts Festival Day de Dada invites everyone to write and illustrate their Happiest Memories.

Saturday, September 14, 2019 – Arts on Division, Somerville, NJ



“Day de Dada Conspirator(s)” explores the Dada Art Movement’s relevance to contemporary artists. By channeling the past we produce new art for the future.

Saturday, August 10, 2019, Le Petit Versailles, NY


Fluxfest 2019 Poster

Fluxfest 10th Annual Exhibition and Exploration of Mail Art and Performance Art featuring an international roster of contemporary Fluxus performance artists.

June 20-23, 2019 – Fluxfest in Toronto, Canada



“Ephemeral Procedures” Art Nursing Station –  FIGMENT NYC 2019

“Ephemeral Procedures”  diagnose art health and help people explore their creative potential or see their mental or physical health from another perspective.

Saturday June 1, 2019 Roosevelt Island, NY


Dancing Within the Lines - a Dance and Poetry Showcase

Dancing Within the Lines: a Dance and Poetry Showcase
How do poetry and dance intersect, feed off and inform each other? Different aspects of poetry and text will be translated through movement by Staten Island dancers and Day de Dada.

Sunday, May 19, 2019 from 4 – 6 PM
Unitarian Church of Staten Island, Staten Island, New York 10301



Dragon Mail Art Call for the 2019 St George Day Festival

The following events are part of the Dragon Mail Art Project

Saturday, Feb 2, 2019, 7 to 9pm  – Mail Art Table Workshop – Art on the Terrace, 776 Richmond Terrace, SI, NY.  This event will take place during the opening of the “The Short Show”

Saturday, March 9, 2019, – Mail Art Table WorkshopArt Lab, Snug Harbor Cultural Center, SI, NY. This event will happen during the Student Show Opening Reception.

Saturday, March 23, 2019, – Mail Art Table Workshop – “Spring Awakening” , Flagship Brewery, SI, NY. Join us for a celebration of community, hope, and fun!

Saturday, April 13, 2019 6 to 9 pm – Opening Reception, Mail Art Table, and Performances – ETG Book Cafe , 208 Bay St, SI, NY

April 2 to April 28, 2019 –  Dragon Mail Art Exhibit at ETG Book Cafe, 208 Bay St, SI, NY


2018 Events 


Join Day de Dada to celebrate the Solstice with the Hungry March Band on Friday Dec 21, 2018.  Come as a Brilliant Star, a radiant Beam of Consciousness, a Winter Demon, a Sliver of Silver, or a Raging Wind of Change !

RADIANT REVELRY – A Winter Celebration of Art, Culture & Community



  Dada Dress-Up/Show-Off at Westbeth Gallery , Manhattan, NYC  – Sunday October 28, 2018 from 6 to 8pm

Day de Dada is organizing a “fashion show” performance event featuring costumes and wearable art



Arts on Division, Somerville, NJ – Friday, September 14, 2018

A collaboration with Somerville artists on a live photography event.


Summertide Flier New

Summertide Choreography Festival at BeYoga, Staten Island, NY: Saturday,  June 23, 2018 

Day de Dada collaboration with Cre-a-tion Dance Collective including costumes created by Day de Dada and a special appearance by the Art Nurses.



Day de Dada Art Nurses : June 2018 as part of Dadamobile – Art Residency in Boston, MA with Mobius

Open Call for Art Scores on Health Care 


 Do you want to participate in our events as a performer? Sign up here for our performers email list

Do you want to know when Day de Dada is performing?  Join our Day de Dada newsletter mailing list 

2017 Events


Day de Dada presents “Apres Avant Garde Festival” on the Staten Island Ferry, Sunday, October 1, 2017.

The event will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the 5th annual Avant Garde Festival that happened for 24 hours on the September 30, 1967 Staten Island Ferry.

The Apres Avant Garde Festival will have elements of the original festival- dance, music, video and interactive performance.

Apres Avant Garde Festival – Open Call and Information



Thursday, September 14, 2017 6:00 – 9:00 pm  Day de Dada at the Opening for Arts on Division  Somerville, NJ

At the Festival Opening, Day de Dada will create an interactive video especially for Arts on Division. Get ready to share when you are asked the secret question about AOD.

Day de Dada at Saunders Farm

Saturday, September 2, 2017 2:30 – 5:00 pm  Day de Dada at “Performance Art at the Farm” at Saunders Farm, Garrison, NY

The Wish Sisters examine the nature of contemporary hopes and dreams as they sit around their virtual well. Passers by are invited to toss a coin into the well to make their own wish, hear wishes collected from around the world or listen to fables about wishing.  more at


Sunday, June 25, 2017 4:00 – 6:00  Day de Dada Performance Art Collective at EVEnt Performances at Sideshow Gallery  319 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn, New York

Fun, feminist, women-themed experimental performance art pieces with audience participation and interaction.


 June 15-September 10, 2017

Opening June 15, 2017 7 to 9 pm at Staten Island Arts Gallery

LUMEN8  – an exhibition celebrating the past seven years of Staten Island Arts’s LUMEN Festival. This exhibit will feature video, sound art, performance art, and ephemera from past festival participants and honor the artistic genres that the festival highlights.  It will include Day de Dada props, videos, and pictures of past Lumen performances including the Art Nurses.


April 22, 2017 “Day de Dada Food Interactions”  a day of food themed, interactive performances with Day de Dada Artists at St George Day, Staten island, NY

March 24, 2017 S.W.A.N. Day Staten Island 2017, A Celebration on the eve of  S.W.A.N. (Support Women Artists Now) Day , ETG Book Cafe


“Homage to Baroness Elsa Von Freytag Loringhoven” Special performance by Mary Campbell and Viv de Dada


March 11, 2017 “Props & Costumes” opening reception 6-8pm  Spotlight Gallery in Horrmann Library at Wagner College, (1 Campus Road) SI. NY.  Exhibit is viewable March 9 – April 2 during Horrmann Library hours

A look at Day de Dada History through Props and Performance Documentation.


February 12, 2017 Acker Awards, Theater 80, NYC

Viv Vassar and Mary Campbell received an Acker Award from Clayton Patterson for their work organizing Day de Dada Performance Art Collective events. Day de Dada artist- Leslie Lowe also received an Acker Award for her art.

February 11, 2017  “Love – Food – Love” a Preposterous Party with Day de Dada And Second Saturday Art Opening Labyrinth Arts Collective, Staten Island Pride Center Gallery

2016 Events


December 10, 2016  Panoply Performance Laboratory . at  Panapoly Lab, Brooklyn, NY, Saturday

Day de Dada Art Nurses- Ephemeral Procedures “help/assistance/aide” 6pm


October 8, 2016 Catch Day de Dada at the 2nd Saturday Workbar Union Art Market on October 8, 2016.  We’ll be celebrating Dada’s 100 Birthday with all the cool people at Workbar in Union Square, Somerville, MA.

Honk - Festival of Activist Street Bands

October 7th-9th 2016 Day de Dada Members will be at the Eleventh HONK! returning to Somerville and Cambridge, MA on October 7th-9th 2016


October 12, 2016 Just in !  Day de Dada will be part of the Honk! Staten Island Parade on Wednesday, October 12 at 6:30 PM – 8 PM


September 24, 2016   Westerleigh Folk Festival  Staten Island’s original Roots Music Festival . Saturday September 24, 2016

“Day de Dada does Aesop”

Become a star as Day de Dada Performance Art Collective creates video reenactments of Aesop’s Fables. Props and Costumes supplied, no acting experience necessary!

DDD_abtf fairies_GR

July 30, 2016  Join Day de Dada’s “Art by the Ferry Fairies” to share what inspires your artistic spirit and add your unique vision to the Art Mix at Art by the Ferry 2016. Saturday July 30, 2016 from Noon to 8 pm. Flagship Brewery 


June 25, 2016  YES! Members of  Day de Dada performance art collective will be at LUMEN 2016 celebrating the 100th year anniversary of the Dada art movement with various actions & performances. Look for the spinning wheel and take a chance!

Mary Campbell commemorates the Baroness Elsa Von Fretag Loringhoven, M & M (Milenka Berengolc & Margaret Chase) will be your springboard to twin troubles & double fun. Wear the Helmet of Truth and speak your mind! Have your head examined, literally!

Philip Sanders serves us  a series of events – virtual, augmented, mixed – chunks of what we experience – digitally captured & constructed, processed & projected back onto our 4D environment., Lydia Grey asks people to share their favorite things, Barbara Lubliner – Cautionistra will challenge visitors to “pin the tale on the body.”, Jennifer Weigel offers “Luck of the Dice” Roll to see what prize you receive,

Play “EAT MY WORDS”  hosted by Edible Eddie, a man who loves his food. How many foods can you name in the  category you have chosen in one minute? A tasty game to play.”, “Hello My Name Is …..”  Viv de Dada helps you chose your new “Lumen-ous Name”, Day de Dada spinning wheel constructed by Mark Semanchik.

LUMEN 2016 will take place on Saturday, June 25, 7pm – midnight at Atlantic Salt Company’s waterfront warehouse & dock, Produced annually by Staten Island Arts, in partnership with Atlantic Salt. Curated by Monica Valenzuela.  More info at

April 1-3 Fri, Sat, and Sun – Grand Guignol – short one act plays with suspense and horror themes at Hub 17 on Bay St Staten Island. We are playing Dada Games in between the plays as the sets are changed.

April 23, Sat – St George Day Festival, Staten Island – an annual fun outdoors art and community festival. We are doing a Mandala Mail Art Table


May 14, Sat – Conference House Art Expo 2016 , Staten Island – a celebration of creativity, culture and community. We are doing a Mandala Mail Art Table

May 25 – May 29, 2016 Wed – Sun – Fluxfest in Chicago. A series of events and performances held in Chicago with artists from all over the world


June 11, 2016 – Mandala Mail Art reception and sale at ETG Book Cafe. Day de Dada performances to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the Dada art movement.


June 25, 2016 SatLumen – happening at Atlantic Salt, Staten Island this year. We are. celebrating the 100th year anniversary of the Dada art movement using traditional birthday actions.


Upcoming events and still in the planning stages –

Art on Division, Somerville NJ – Fall 2016
Mobius Gallery, Boston, MA – Summer 2017
• Fluxfest NY – Fall 2017

 2015 Events 

  • Postcards from Home – Sunday December 13, 2015 – 3-6 pm

Join Day de Dada at the Staten Island Creative Community Gallery at 776 Richmond Terrace, SI, NY  for  readings from the Wish Tree and a chance to send postcards from the “Home” show.

what wish2

  • “What Do You Wish?” July 16 – September 20, 2015 Culture Lounge Staten Island Ferry Terminal

On July 16th, Culture Lounge’s new exhibit “WISH,” created by Day De Dada and organized by Gena Mimozo, will ask visitors to the gallery space at the St. George Terminal, “What do you wish?” The exhibition will feature wish themed mail art sent in from around the world, Videos and the “Whispering Wishes” sound installation.

Culture Lounge visitors will have the opportunity to make their own wishes, write a wish on a cloth strip and tie it on the fence installation, create mail art wishes to send off to someone or make a wish on the spot with some guidance from The Wish Sisters. The Wish Sisters – Viv de Dada, Jennifer Weigel, Mary Campbell, Barbara Lubliner, Margaret Chase, Lydia Grey, and Milenka Berengolc – will collect wishes at various times throughout the exhibition

The Wish Sisters

The Wish Sisters

Wish Sister Performance Schedule:

The Wish Sisters will collect wishes from people using traditional and non-traditional methods throughout the run of the exhibition.

Saturday July 18     12pm – 4pm

Viv de Dada catches whispered secrets and carefully transfers them into a large bottle with a crystal stopper. Jennifer Weigel has people attach wishes to pennies that participants can take with them or leave for someone else to find, as a means of voicing desires.
Saturday August 8   12pm – 4pm

Mary Campbell gives people the chance to test their luck with the old ritual of breaking a wishbone. Barbara Lubliner offers wishing advice and super charges wishes with the power of the elements before collecting them in a golden box.
Saturday August 8   2pm

Staten Island OutLOUD presents “Be Careful What You Wish For?”  a reading – and perhaps a warning – about the wishes we make. What do you wish for? Think carefully before you answer that question!
Saturday September 12   12pm – 4pm

Margaret Chase asks people to select a handmade bead and string it with wish intention, multiply its power by combining it with other beads for concentrated hope. Lydia Grey creates the opportunity to plant and grow wishes by supplying seeds and soil. Milenka Berengoic as the “Wondering Healer” takes photographs of people, asks them what they wish for, and then sends healing energy via Reiki (a vibrational form of healing). The photos will be posted online and a ritual will be performed for all of the people represented.
WISH Closing Reception

Saturday September 19   12pm – 4pm

Join us for the closing reception!

Past 2015 Events

  • Wish Mail Art Collection Event – June 26, 2015

Last chance to join us in making Mail Art for this years series on Wishes.  We’ll be at ETG Book Cafe from 6-8 with our Magic Mailbox and supplies.  Stay after the Mail Art Event to hear Matt and Nina Long and Friends for a fun evening of musical sharing.

  • Lumen – June 20, 2015

Day de Dada Art Nurses will be at Lumen , Snug Harbor, Staten Island.  Get your art health check up and join us for Ephemeral Procedures.

  • Wish Mail Art Collection Event – June 17, 2015

We’ll be at Phoebe Blue’s Creative Happening at Hashtag Bar with supplies to make Mail Art.  Come join us and stay for the cool music, word and sound art.

  • Wish Mail Art Collection Event – May 2, 2015

Join us at the Elements Art Expo NYC, The Conference House, Staten Island for a mail art workshop in preparation for the “What Do You Wish” Show

  • Wish Mail Art Collection Event – April 25, 2015

Join us at the St George Day Festival, St George, Staten Island for a mail art workshop in preparation for the “What Do You Wish” Show

 2014 Events

  • Phoebe Blue’s Creative Happening – February 19, 2014

Join Day de Dada at Phoebe Blue’s Creative Happenings as we explore Oulipo poetry, games and scores at the Full Cup in Staten Island

  •  Fluxfest Chicago 2014 – February 20-23, 2014

An international Fluxus  gathering with scores, performances and more at various locations including the Chicago Cultural Center.

Fluxfest Chicago group picture

Re: Imagining Staten Island is  part of Second Saturday Staten Island.  The Art Nurses will collect your wishes and dreams – open your mind and imagine the possibilities.  Deep Tanks, Staten Island 1959667_10202732224640500_422948235_n

  • St George Day  – April 26, 2014

Day de Dada takes over the spoken word stage at St George Day  to put on sound, word and nonsense scores.  Audience participation is a must ! Tompkinsville Park, Staten island Print

Day de Dada will be part of a “Month of Performance Art – Berlin” a non-profit, non-funded, month-long and city-wide collaborative platform of performance art. To promote and support  Berlin’s independent, contemporary and experimental performance art practice.  We will be collecting wishes…. be careful what you wish for….. wish_sticker

Dream a dream and share your wishes with Day de Dada at the art-tastic “Art on Division” on Saturday, June 21st.  Everyone is invited to post a wish on the “Wish Wall” or share your dreams for the Somerville art community on the mobile “Wish Collector.”  It’s all comes true with Day de Dada and the Somerville Arts Initiative. Arts On Division is an outdoor festival of the arts in downtown Somerville, NJ. Enjoy live performances including dramatic readings, dance, music, and meet-the-author events. arts on division somerville nj

Day de Dada  at Lumen.  Light, sound, film, music, live art, interactive installations at the Atlantic Salt Company’s waterfront dock. 1014755_460900253999419_8723738_o

Deep Tanks 3rd Annual Block party

Deep Tanks 3rd Annual Block Party.  Meet Day de Dada at the at George library on central ave. at 3pm and walk down with banner to block party. Join us for the  “wish fence”, the “wandering healer” and”wish fans”

artlab staten island

Join us for this uplifting collaboration of music, performance and video. Help create a sand mandala, enjoy psychic readings and explore Totem Animals with Day de Dada.

Deep Tanks Halloween Poster 2014

  • Deep Tanks Halloween – October 31st

Staten Island artists get spooky and raise money for a good cause. Join Day de Dada’s “Widows of Fillmore Street” and write your own obituary.


  •  New York – November 14-15-16

Celebrate Cavellini the Maestro of Self- Historification! with Mark Bloch and Day de Dada.  Performances will happen at the MOMA Library and various museums throughout NYC.  “Cavellini – a survey, events and mail art show”


Philadelphia, PA November 8, 2014


Celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Christmas Truce with Peace Action of Staten Island and Day de Dada Culture Lounge, Staten Island, NY  December 20, 2:30 to 5:00 pm


2013 Day de Dada Events & Happenings

  • Friday February 21 – 24, 2013   “Fluxfest in Chicago”

A Fluxus gathering with performances at the School of the Art Institute, The Fibulator, the Chicago Cultural Center and 6018 Gallery poster for Chicago Fluxfest 2013

  • Saturday March 9, 2013  “Dada Games” at Deep Tanks

A Second Saturday Staten Island event with performances by Mary Campbell, Milenka Berengolc, Margaret Chase, Reuben Sandwich and Viv de Dada game_night199

Day de Dada Game Night

Silly Skill and Chance… (Bemused?) Boxes Manipulated Monopoly Twisted Twister Murder Mystery Tableau, Procured Poems Furious Sneezing, Song and Sound! Set Your Inner (Wild) Child Loose!

A collaboration with photographer Gail Middleton.   “Earth, Air, Fire, Water” performance  with scores collected from artists around the world based on the elements – fire, water, earth and wind.  Streamed live on Bambuser.

“Game Time” a spontaneous and interactive art performance. Use your nonsense skills to play “Chance!”, Ridicu-posterous word play, the Mad – Libber, “Hello My Name Is” and more.  Let the Games Begin! Dada fun and games at this annual art festival celebrating art, music, spoken word, dance and more.

Day de Dada Performance Art Collective

Day de Dada Performance Art Collective


  • June 15, 2013 Lumen, Staten Island, NY  | 6pm-midnight | Lyons Pool

Seek Lumen enlightenment with the  “Day de Dada Illuminating Inquisitors”   Look for the big question mark! Day de Dada Illuminating Inquizitors at Lumen

  • September 14, 2013 Memory Retrieval Action part of “Breaking Bread” photography exhibition by Gail Middleton, 60 Bay St Gallery, Staten Island
  • September 29, 2013 Nevermore / Evermore Open doors to dreams and illusions sparked by dance, sound and poetry  “Dreamland” and “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe a collaboration with the Unitarian Church of Staten Island Arts Committee and SI OutLoud,  part of the  National Endowment for the Arts “The Big Read”  featuring Stories & Poems of Edgar Allan Poe: Sept 21-Nov 17.


  • November 21, 2013 Creative happenings at the Full Cup. Oulipo Poetry and various interactive nonsense
  • December 11, 2013  Interactive Dada games at Edgewater Hall as part of Second Saturday Staten Island promotion.
  • December 14, 2013 part of   “Staten Island Dream Inscription” part of I-Land curated by Staten Island Arts at SIABC, 73 Wave Street, Staten Island

Dada Dream Inscription 2013   ***************************************************

  • Second Saturday Staten Island

On the second Saturday of every month venues in Staten Island open for special events and shows. Check for Day de Dada events each month at


Day de Dada on Facebook

Twitter  @DaydeDada


See Day de Dada Videos at:

Mary Campbell Youtube  

Viv de Dada Youtube

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