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Arts on Division 2013 – Somerville NJ

June 7, 2013

Strolling through the crowds, asking questions, collecting nouns, verbs and adjectives with the “Mad Libber”, dancing to the Paisley Pickles, choosing new names from “Still Life with Woodpecker” and taking a “Chance”…. it’s all a Dada Game.

Day de Dada Performance Art Collective at “Arts on Division” an annual outdoor festival of the Arts in Downtown Somerville NJ.

Dada performers had fun with “Game Time” a spontaneous and interactive art performance, using nonsense skills and chance, Ridicu-posterous word games, and procured poems.

Day de Dada "Game Time"

Day de Dada “Game Time”

Viv de Dada gives the “Paisley Pickles” New Names
Lunch at Smokehouse Barbecue Downtown Somerville NJ
Lunch at Smokehouse Barbecue Downtown Somerville NJ
“dada is nada and all is all righta”

Day de Dada at Art on Division, Somerville, NJ

July 29, 2012

“Arts on Division”, an annual four-day indoor/outdoor festival held in Somerville, NJ,  features fine art exhibits, theatre, music, poetry, dance ensembles, film and art related demonstrations.  The 2012 event celebrates  the newly refurbished Division Street section of the new arts district in Somerville.  Arts on Division is sponsored by Downtown Somerville Alliance and the Borough of Somerville with volunteer support from the Printmaking Center of New Jersey and the Greater Somerville Arts Initiative.

At this years festival,  Day de Dada artists Mary Campbell , Viv de Dada and Milenka Berengolc  performed a series of interactive performance pieces.  Lydia Grey, curator and coordinator of the Arts on Division video series says: “We are so happy that Day de Dada could join us to expand the traditional theater and music offerings with their style of experimental performance art.”

The Day de Dada Performance Art Collective is a cooperative group of performance artists, producing shows that include spontaneous and experimental performance art, installation, video, film, music, noise and interactive events. Viv de Dada says: “Arts on Division is a chance to find a new audience and experience.  We look forward to working with everyone again.”

“Vibrations” Milenka Berengolc channels the inner vibrations and intentions of all she meets as a Reiki Healer and Artist

“Dada in Flux Wonderland”  Viv de Dada asks the eternal questions inviting the audience to record the answers on her white suit.  Her goal is to find all the answers in the world.

“Dada Anakamma” Mary Campbell creates an interactive performances as part of a series of collages based on the Hindu protector Goddess Annakama who has one thousand eyes.