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Artgaragen – Berlin May 30, 2014

June 15, 2014

Fluxus Word Scores Collected by

Day de Dada Performance Art Collective

for ArtGaragen  Berlin 2014


*Ridicuposterous Word Game by Mary Campbell

Chose 3 cards from the Ridicuposterous card deck.

Look at the syllables on the cards and arrange the cards to form a word.

Define the word and use it in a sentence.


*Give yourself a Hand by Viv de Dada

Lead the audience in applause. Acknowledge how great the audience is. Hand out paper hands to everyone in the audience and say “Give yourself a hand.”


*Your favorite word /la tua parola preferita by Luc Fierens

  1. buy a bottle of soap bubble to blow soap bubbles
  2. make a sign which says: please shout out loud your favorite word
  3. show the sign to members of the audience and if they answer

you blow soap bubbles, continue this action till you run out of bubbles or words.


*South No. 1 (to Anthony Cox) by Takehisa Kosugi

Pronounce “SOUTH” during a predetermined or indetermined duration.


*B(e) words by Viv de Dada

Shout out any word beginning with B. Encourage the audience to join you. Beautiful ! Bouncy! Beyond….. Barely…. Buxom !


*Random Reading Dada Haiku by Mary Campbell

Take three books at random. Ask three people to each open a book at random and read a short passage one after another.


*Row Row Row Your Boat by Melissa McCarthy

Don’t explain it. Start to sing it and see what happens.


*Side to Side Echo by Moan Lisa

Divide the audience in half. Tell them that you want each side to repeat the word you say to them when you walk to their side.

  1. Walk to one side and shout a word. (audience repeats word)
  2. Walk to other side and shout a word (audience repeats word)
  3. Keep doing this until it feels right to stop.


*False Translation an Oulipo exercise

Give someone a poem in a language they do not know. Ask them to translate and read the poem aloud (with feeling and emotion)


*Hmmmm by the Fluxusfor the Fluxus

Everyone close your eyes. Start to hum, listen to the sound, let it linger, rise and swell until it naturally ends. Open your eyes.


*The Gift of Tongues by Emmett Williams

Sing meaningfully in a language made up on the spot


* Drip Music by G Brecht

A source of dripping water and an empty vessel are arranged so that the water falls into the vessel.


* Constellation Number 4 by Dick Higgins

A sound is made. The sound is to have a clearly-defined percussive attack and decay [such as produced by plucking strings, hitting gongs, bells, helmets or tubes]. Each performer produces his sound efficiently and almost simultaneously with other performer’s sounds. Each sound is produced only once


Words on a String by unknown

Go along a line with each person saying a word. Continue until done. As you go along a story or poem or nonsense will result.


Art Garagen – Live Art Event – May 2014

May 30, 2014

Berlin Performance Art Festival 2014

May 24, 2014


Month of Performance Art Berlin 2014 MPA – B

The Hub Gallery in Holtzmarktsrasse.

A place to get schedules, meet artists, see performances, get inspired.





“My Performance 1-2-4” a street market and a church inspire interventions and performances.





“Slow Burner” by Greg McLaren







“Black Hole (Berlin)” by Steve Slater a space where things are lost, changed and made anew





“Performance Stammtisch” arranged by Jorn Burmester – after the performance where do then props go ?