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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 2015


Great time to post about my “wishbone performance” at the Day de Dada Performance Art Collective “What do you WISH?” exhibit at SI ARTS Culture Lounge in the Staten Island Ferry terminal.

As one of the “wish sisters” I –

1. Asked if the person ever participated in breaking a wishbone

2. Explain proper wishbone breaking procedure, using the small finger wrapped around the wishbone and then pulling (after you have decided on your wish)

3. Broke the bone

I had purchased online, a bunch of synthetic wishbones and for whatever reason they always broke in my favor. I was feeling bad that no one was getting their wish and so started giving the bone to two people and asking them to do it together so that someone besides me would get the lucky piece.

Using a wishbone dates back over 2400 years. Etruscan people believed that fowl could predict the future. When a chicken died it’s furcula was laid in the sun to dry in hopes of preserving the divine powers. When there were not enough bones available, people fought over them and when they broke it was believed that the person who got the larger piece was the lucky one. When the pilgrims came to the America they started using turkey bones for their wish making tradition.

> Wish Sister, Mary Campbell performed at Day de Dada “What do you WISH?” exhibit at SI ARTS Culture Lounge on August 8, 2015.