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Chicago Fluxus & a Red Trench Coat

August 9, 2016

Chicago Fluxfest 2016

May 31, 2016


A Schedule of events:

Thursday, May 26th 4-7 PM
Exhibition Opening and Reception – “DO IT NOW” – Contemporary Networking in Mailart and Fluxus”
Joan Flasch Artistbook Library, School of the Art Institute of Chicago
37 S. Wabash Avenue, Suite 508, Chicago
* Dinner to follow at Italian Village, 71 W. Monroe, Chicago

Friday, May 27th 11-5 PM
CHICAGO FLUXUS DAY – Performances, Installations, Mailart Making, Mayhem …
Chicago Cultural Center, 78 E. Washington St., Chicago
* as usual, we’ll meet for breakfast around 9:30 or so at Patisserie Toni, 65 E. Washington St.

Friday, May 27th 7 PM
New York Correspondance School of Chicago Annual Dinner and Meeting –
Honoring William S. Wilson
The Berghoff, 17 West Adams, Chicago

Saturday, May 28th 10 AM – ?
A Tour of “A Feast of Astonishments: Charlotte Moorman and the Avant-Garde, 1960s–1980s”
Block Museum of Art, Northwestern University, Evanston
Fluxus Street Theatre
Guerrilla Performance activities on the Plaza at the Museum
* Dinner to follow at Union Pizzeria, 1245 Chicago Ave. Evanston

Sunday, May 29th 11-4 PM
Final Gathering: Potluck Performance, Conversation, Collaboration, Community …
6018North – Chicago’s Home for Experimental Arts & Culture, 6018 North Kenmore, Edgewater
* Please bring food and drinks to share, Scores and Pieces to perform

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What is Fluxus ?

March 6, 2013

What is Fluxus ?  Chicago Fluxfest 2013

I Have a Question

March 6, 2013

Fluxfest Chicago  2013   I have a question….

questions1    Questions that start a conversation, questions that have no answer, questions that are stupid, questions that are riddles. Can you answer a question?questions2

Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI February 2012

February 23, 2012

On Second Saturday February 11, 2012   Day de Dada artists in Staten Island attempted to forge a psychic art link with Day de Dada artists at Chicago Fluxfest.

Brains were engaged, art thoughts were emitted, connections were forged.  It was as easy as cake.

FluxFest Chicago 2012 with Day de Dada

January 25, 2012

FluxFest Chicago Feb 9 - 12 2012

February 9th – 12th, 2012
“International Fluxus is gearing up for 4 days of performance and activity in Chicago this February, and are hoping that everyone who can, will join in the festival.”  from the Fluxus Blog 

Day de Dada will be at the Chicago FluxFest  performing scores by  Staten Island Dada artists Mary Campbell, Viv de Dada, Reuben Sandwich, Milenka Berengolc, Nici Poris, Darrell and Lys Riganti. Since this event falls on the Second Saturday in February we will link arms symbolically from Chicago to Staten Island Second Saturday 

Highlights of the event will include

Fluxus Day at the Chicago Cultural Center

FLUX IT YOURSELF : Scores and Performances by Contemporary Fluxus  Center For Book Arts

Write Now – Artists And Letterforms  A major exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center that showcases  The ” Fluxus, Mailart, and Visual Poetry Project ”

The New York Correspondence School of Chicago Dinner

Flux Film Fest ” @ 6018 NORTH.

check our twitter feed  @DaydeDada for updates

Fluxfest Chicago Art Nurse Creative Pulse Report: 2/19/11

February 19, 2011

Taking the Creative Pulse at Fluxfest 

Fluxfest Chicago Art Nurse Creative Pulse Report:

Tell us about any scars caused by art:

  • Sgraffito
  • Back hurts from doing college art projects.
  • All scars & changes lie beneath the surface.
  • I painted a punk rock album in a high school art class.  The teacher didn’t like it.  I though it was pretty good fo my first & only artistic atempt.  I have never attemtped to paint again.
  • I carve in a checker box sort of thing into my wrist.  It looks a lot like this even though it looks crazy it looks like a checker print.
  • Once I sew my scars though it heals: felt inside.  I wasn’t so I sew to try to use the pain as art.
  • I have more hair and my voice has gotten lower.  When I climb the rope in gym class, I feel funny.
  • Descending the staircase, fell into the arms of a waiting venus.  Got all wet.
  • amputation of 6th (vestigal) finger.
  • Paper cuts
  • I was making a snow flake and I cut myself with my scissors.
  • In the palm of my hand from scraping a palette with a razor blade.

Tell us something we need to know about your creative brain.

  • It operates the best while working on a given project and adapting that project to my own.
  • Works best when presented with a problem to solve.
  • I’m a jerk !
  • I can’t really put it into words.
  • I am creative.
  • I am a teacher.
  • Art has caused me to smile for the whole day.
  • I compartmentalize the way I approach art.
  • I draw from what’s around me.
  • Mental Scars.
  • It is always in motion.
  • I play piano, violin, viola and bass.
  • I can make a game to play within 5 mins.
  • It is always in motion.  It is always in motion.
  • It is very wide and undiscovered yet.  Unfortunately !
  • I’m nervous when it is unnecessary.  Sometimes just accepting that leads to greater creativity.

What body part do you use the most when you are being creative ?

  • Eyes – straining to see the light trying to know want invincible eyes.
  • My arms and it feels good.
  • Stomach – tight flutter, excited, twisty, tight
  • My heart, and it feels freeing.  My heart feels bigger and more open.  When I collaborate it’s like a bunch of hearts beating together.
  • My stomach.  It vibrates.  It hurts a lot but it never hurts when I’m beeing creative.  I love feeling my stomach living, talking.
  • Right Hand – Relaxing.  I can tune out everything around me, and focus on a single task.
  • I use my hands, I constantly have to feel everything I am doing.  I can feel the emotion flow through it.  It’s incredible.
  • wrist – liberating & sometimes painful.
  • Hands warm.
  • Head big.
  • My eyes; it makes my head hurt.
  • My brain feels like it has eyes, ears, and feet when I am being creative.
  • My brain because I think of ideas. That’s pretty much where all my art comes from, my mind.  I use my hands and eyes to execute those ideas but they originate in my brain.
  • The pencil bit me.
  • Feet * not bad today.
  • Eyes.  They feel strained.  I need to see what I am making / creating in order to actually produce something.
  • My head


How does creativity affect your body?

  • It puts holes in it and metal things in the holes.
  • Positively
  • Infectiously & with rage and intimate tenderness.
  • Sometimes it makes me cry and my head aches.  Sometimes it makes me feel egotistical.  Sometimes it floods my body with a feeling of excitement.  It can be confusing.
  • I feel like writing poetry.
  • Whenever I feel down or sick expressing my creativity releases a great feeling through my body.
  • I feel part of a bigger world.  My body is satisfied.
  • It gives me energy.  It is what I live in.
  • Go Liberation movements.  Tweet On!
  • It makes me happy 🙂
  • My hat has attached to my head.
  • Makes me ache, makes me tired, makes me long for more.