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What Does Your Dragon Look Like

April 18, 2019


What Does Your Dragon Look Like?

Day de Dada Event

Day de Dada celebrates the 2019 St George Day Festival with a mail art show “What Does Your Dragon Look Like?” Come by to see the exhibit and buy some dragon mail art (all work is $10, ALL sales going to support the 2019 St George Day Festival)

6pm A Mail Art Table will be set up to make your own DRAGON ART throughout the evening.

7pm- Performances by Day de Dada Performance Art Collective members in the festival spirit of Earth Day, Community, and … and Dragons!

* Mary Campbell – “Mad Lib”
* John Lake – “Dying Earthling’s Last Request”
* Tamara Wyndham – “Ritual in Honor of Spring”
* Jennifer Weigel – “Great Gleaming Green Dragon Beads”
* Viv de Dada – “Love Letter to Earth”
* Robert Landsman and Ellen LaForge – “Puff the Magic Dragon” & “Get Together”
* Larry Schwabacher – “A Garden of Snap Dragons”

*Reading of the Exquisite Corpse



Baroness Elsa Von Freytag Loringhoven at Swan Day 2017

March 24, 2017

Baroness Elsa Von Freytag Loringhoven at Swan Day, Staten Island, Etg Book Cafe, March 24, 2017   with Viv de Dada and Mary Campbell

Baroness Elsa Von Freytag Loringhoven born Else Hildegard Plötz in Swinemünde (Świnoujście), in Pomerania, Germany


City stir——wind on eardrum——

dancewind : herbstained——




flowing——lying down——bending——

teasing——kissing : treearms——grass——


City stir on eardrum—— .

In night lonely

peers—— :

moon——riding !

pale——with beauty aghast——

too exalted to share !

She was an early female pioneer of sound poetry, but also made creative use of the dash, while many of her portmanteau compositions, such as “Kissambushed” and “Phalluspistol,” present miniature poems.

X – RAY  1927

Nature causes brass to oxidize

People to congest –

By dull-radiopenetrated soil


Cosmic hand’s dynamic gang

Polish –

Kill –

For fastidioius

Brilliant boss’ “idee fixe “

Sum total :


In New York, the Baroness also worked on assemblage sculptures and paintings, creating art out of the rubbish and refuse she collected from the streets. The Baroness was known to construct elaborate costumes from found objects, creating a “kind of living collage” that erased the boundaries between life and art.


The Baroness may have been involved in the creation of Marcel Duchamp’s famous ready-made, Fountain (1917).   Duchamp indicated in a letter to his sister Suzanne, written in 1917, that a female friend of his had sent him the urinal for submission to Society of Independent Artists Exhibition: “Une de mes amies sous un pseudonyme masculin, Richard Mutt, avait envoyé une pissotière en porcelaine comme sculpture” (“One of my female friends, who had adopted the male pseudonym, Richard Mutt, sent me a porcelain urinal as a sculpture)

Thank you Swan Day for supporting and highlighting work by Women Artists

HONK! for Staten Island Art Parade and Concert!

October 28, 2016


HONK! for Staten Island Art Parade and Concert!

HONK NYC takes over Staten Island’s North Shore on Wed Oct 12th ! After our visit to Snug Harbor, we will regroup for an art parade beginning at the St. George Theater at 6:30. The parade will bring our bands and revelers to a concert at ETG Book Cafe at 7. And, of course, there’s sure to be more surprises in store. Collaborators Day de Dada help bring the FUN!

Alternative start: Honor Wines, at 36 Bay Street, is hosting an in-store tasting around the start of the procession! Get there early for the wine – then join the parade!


From France:

Le Pompier Poney Club, from Marseille

Le Pompier Pony Club.jpg

“Le Pompier Poney Club”, created in 2012 in Marseille, is an international fanfare, with members from across France, Belgium, Rome & New York. They play a variety of musical influences, with songs such as “Belsunce Breakdown,” a famous hip hop song from Marseille’s own Booga, B52’s “Rock Lobster”, Dalida’s “Mourir sur Scene/I want to die on stage”, Streetlight Manifesto’s “We will fall together” & “Ghost Town”, from The Specials, etc… This overenergetic brass band blows its ferocious musical wind here, there and everywhere!Comfortable in the streets as on stage, you’ll find them in all kinds of events: festivals and neighborhood gatherings, cultural and social initiatives, protests and parades, tiny bars and large parties. The Pompier Poney Club will undoubtedly thrill the crowds, wherever they are !

From France:

La Fanfare Invisible, from Paris
Le Fanfare Invisible makes music while supporting social justice movements and fighting for human rights.

From Chicago, USA:
Environmental Encroachment

Chicago performance art group Environmental Encroachment (EE) uses a marching band, costumes, and antics to create unique entertainment environments. EE’s mission is to create playgrounds for the body and mind through dance, music and art.

Dumpster Cookies at ETG

March 31, 2016

The Dumpster Cookies brought their fast and freaky Performance Art to ETG Book Cafe recently where they made a stop on their East Coast tour. The Cafe cleared the floor putting the tables and chairs up on the stage and let the Dumpster Cookies have at it. Props were tossed out to the audience, tiny hats were donned and masks worn – our disguises part of the show.  The Dumpster Cookies danced.  Per Dumpster Cookies own description, the performance fuses “pre-recorded music, dance, theater, sculpture and projections … set in a world of animal instinct, mob mentality and jungle night terrors.”

Rebecca Jane and Blake Godesy, are a multiple disciplinary performance art duo known as “Dumpster Cookies.” They use societies unwanted “trash” and up cycle it into Interactive Art. They hail from Charleston, Carolina and formed in 2011.

“One of our favorite things is people interacting with our art,” Jane says. “We make people masks. They let people become interactive. It lets them realize that they’re in it … so everybody in the audience is in a costume with us. They’re part of it. They’re part of our installation.”  – so Dada !

“being in the surround” -Rebecca Jane

No Geographical Boundaries – Dada Transformation

September 22, 2012

We can change and transform small things.  We can change, transform and mail pieces of art. We can change, transform, mail and skype live art. We can gather at Deep Tanks and Fluxfest NYC in person, through art books, rubber stamps, live art performances, gatherings,  postings online and with skype.  There are no geographical barriers with Fluxus.  Our goal is to erase the boundaries between art and life.

Deep Tanks Arts Festival September 8th 2012   

Animal Metamorphosis with the Day de Dada Art Nurses

Image Recycle the usual into the unique. Be creative.  Customize, renew, transfigure.  Spontaneous and experimental mutations will take place. Stuffed animals will be healed.


“Transform” Mail Art Show at ETG Cafe part of Fluxfest NYC 

An exhibit of mail art collected on the theme of “Transformation”  ETG Book Cafe, Staten island, NY 9/1 to 9/28/12


Fluxfest NYC Skype Event at ETG Cafe part of Fluxfest NYC 

Friday 9/28/12 7pm a special performance program, a combination of live and Skyped performances from around the US, Canada, Australia and the UK featuring  Reid Wood, Jonathan Leiter, Christopher Reynolds, Viv de Dada, Mary Campbell, Reed  Altemus, Hannah Gardiner, Catherine Mehrl Bennett, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Allen Revich, Keith Buchholz, Melissa McCarthy, Allen Bukoff, Matt Taggart, Rebecca Cunningham and Mark Bloch

See live video of the Day de Dada Transform Skype Event   thanks to Art Nurse Mary Campbell.

We meet. We greet.  We skype and email. We exchange art and ideas.  It’s all Fluxus in the end…..

MAILART- EXHIBIT: Theme “Transformation”

July 6, 2012

 Mail Art Call part of Fluxfest NYC 2012

Use one letter from the word TRANSFORM somewhere in your art.

T  R  A  N  S  F O  R  M

Only original works of mail art are accepted, no photocopies.
Size: max. 8 1/2″ x 11″ or a4
Only 2d works.
Quantity: 1 artwork per artist
Send us your artwork by regular snail mail only.
Deadline: August 17, 2012.

No jury, no return, no fee, no sale.

Entries will be exhibited at ETG Book cafe during the month of September 2012
(Fluxfest NYC 2012 performances there on Friday, Sept. 28)

Documentation: online blog with all submitted work.
Please provide your full name, nationality and email.

Agreement is given to use your work by your participation.

Thank you, we are looking forward to receiving your artwork.

Send to:
Mary Campbell / Day de Dada
123 Scribner Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10301

Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI June 2010

June 18, 2010

   Polymorphous Twizzlemedia Confluence 

or ” The Eyes Have It All Over the Typewriter Girls”

On Saturday June 12th, 2010 Day de Dada meets at ETG Book Cafe for Mary Campbell’s eye opening exhibit of mandala collages on the theme of Goddess Ankamma. 

  Mary Campbell Mandala Collage Goddess Ankamma - Guardian Hindu Goddess Ankamma has 1000 eyes and keeps protective watch on her devotees. 


The Eyes Have It    The Eyes Have It   The Eyes Have It   The Eyes Have It

Artists paint third eyes on audience members while poet Wil Wynn leads a guided meditation.


  Meanwhile The Typewriter Girls The TypewriterGirls are a performance art troupe from Pittsburg, PA who strive to embody the Comte de Lautréamont's creed "poetry must be made by all."

turn a dada eye to

interactive, typewriter poetry, gifts for dada artists,

games for dada audiences, improv, art, and an exquisite corpse.

Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI February 2010

February 13, 2010

Calling all Venues Second Saturday February 13, 2010

 Calling All Venues with Day de Dada
On 2/13/10 artists met at Art at Bay. 
It was decided to call all  the Second Saturday venues and ask them “What’s on Your Mind Right Now?”  Calls were made between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm
whats on your mind right now?

Top Flight Gallery

whats on your mind art at bay ?   whats on your mind Mandy Machine?  whats on your mind cargo cafe?
Calls  included  Assembly Room Gallery, Blue Mohawk Lounge, Valentine Cave, Richies Lot, Show Gallery,  Top Flight, Creative Photographers Guild, Cargo, Art at Bay, 15 Cent, Mandy Machine, Parish Grill, and Cafe ETG.

Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI January 2010

January 9, 2010
Day de Dada Recycle Art Tour

Day de Dada Recycle Art Tour

 Art Recycle with Day de Dada 

Second Saturday Staten Island January 9th 2010      

 On 1/9/10 artists met at Chateau de Dada to reuse, reimagine and recycle donated and found art, paintings, prints, poems and sculptures thereby creating new artwork. It was decided to take an art piece called “Heart” on tour to all the Second Saturday venues adding to the piece at each stop.    At the end of the night it was declared “done! ”       

Start "Heart" at Chateau Dada

6:00 pm Start "Heart" Piece at Chateau de Dada

10:00 pm Finish "Heart" Piece at Cafe ETG

10:00 pm Finish "Heart" Piece Cafe ETG

 Stops on the Recycle Art Tour included Chateau de Dada, When Television Attacks, Assembly Room Gallery, Blue Mohawk Lounge, Show Gallery, Staten Island Museum, Top Flight, Creative Photographers’ Guild, Cargo, Art at Bay, 15 Cent, Mandy Morrison and Cafe ETG.

  Day de Dada Art Recycle Art Tour Slideshow