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Day de Dada at Art on Division, Somerville, NJ

July 29, 2012

“Arts on Division”, an annual four-day indoor/outdoor festival held in Somerville, NJ,  features fine art exhibits, theatre, music, poetry, dance ensembles, film and art related demonstrations.  The 2012 event celebrates  the newly refurbished Division Street section of the new arts district in Somerville.  Arts on Division is sponsored by Downtown Somerville Alliance and the Borough of Somerville with volunteer support from the Printmaking Center of New Jersey and the Greater Somerville Arts Initiative.

At this years festival,  Day de Dada artists Mary Campbell , Viv de Dada and Milenka Berengolc  performed a series of interactive performance pieces.  Lydia Grey, curator and coordinator of the Arts on Division video series says: “We are so happy that Day de Dada could join us to expand the traditional theater and music offerings with their style of experimental performance art.”

The Day de Dada Performance Art Collective is a cooperative group of performance artists, producing shows that include spontaneous and experimental performance art, installation, video, film, music, noise and interactive events. Viv de Dada says: “Arts on Division is a chance to find a new audience and experience.  We look forward to working with everyone again.”

“Vibrations” Milenka Berengolc channels the inner vibrations and intentions of all she meets as a Reiki Healer and Artist

“Dada in Flux Wonderland”  Viv de Dada asks the eternal questions inviting the audience to record the answers on her white suit.  Her goal is to find all the answers in the world.

“Dada Anakamma” Mary Campbell creates an interactive performances as part of a series of collages based on the Hindu protector Goddess Annakama who has one thousand eyes.

FluxFest Chicago 2012 with Day de Dada

January 25, 2012

FluxFest Chicago Feb 9 - 12 2012

February 9th – 12th, 2012
“International Fluxus is gearing up for 4 days of performance and activity in Chicago this February, and are hoping that everyone who can, will join in the festival.”  from the Fluxus Blog 

Day de Dada will be at the Chicago FluxFest  performing scores by  Staten Island Dada artists Mary Campbell, Viv de Dada, Reuben Sandwich, Milenka Berengolc, Nici Poris, Darrell and Lys Riganti. Since this event falls on the Second Saturday in February we will link arms symbolically from Chicago to Staten Island Second Saturday 

Highlights of the event will include

Fluxus Day at the Chicago Cultural Center

FLUX IT YOURSELF : Scores and Performances by Contemporary Fluxus  Center For Book Arts

Write Now – Artists And Letterforms  A major exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center that showcases  The ” Fluxus, Mailart, and Visual Poetry Project ”

The New York Correspondence School of Chicago Dinner

Flux Film Fest ” @ 6018 NORTH.

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Day de Dada at the 2011 Roanoke Marginal Arts Festival

March 11, 2011

 Marginal Arts Festival Roanoke Virginia

2010 Marginal Arts Festival in Roanoke Virginia.    And Day de Dada was there.  Along with the Art Nurses, Big Liar (was he there? are you sure ?) and the Art Grant Fairy.  The 3 Art Nurses cured a few art works at the Taubman Museum, soothed a few artistic bruised egos and were crowned Queens of the Festival along with King Ralph.  Dada Dollars were freely dispensed to the worthy and the unworthy.

Stuffed animals were unstuffed and restuffed into new and twisted forms, bubble wrap exploded and pianos were “re-tuned.”  Art was paraded and reconstructed with puppets, drums and accordions.

  And an Art Rat finally, bravely ran to the ground but (I’m sure) will rise again next year.  We wondered – Can ladders reach that high?  or just chairs at the Labyrinth…. and can that many events happen at the same time ?  Yes, they can.

First – there is Fluxus Piano Push

Then –  there is Fluxus Piano Music

On Saturday, the crew at the “Flux Mazz” gave out bread freely and applied it vigorously with the loaf and one piece at a time.   Zierle and Carter collected what we treasure and set it free.  A little rain did not dampen spirits – the Marginal Arts Festival will ride again!