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Honk – Boston – 2016

October 18, 2016

On the road with Day de Dada celebrating “100 Years of Dada”  at Boston Honk Festival 2016. Sunday’s Parade got a lot of rain but that didn’t stop us … Vote for Dada!

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2nd Saturday Workbar Union Art Market – Somerville, MA.  Day de Dada celebrating Dada’s 100th Birthday with Birthday Wishes and Dada Inspirations … Odd or Even …

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Stonehenge 69 pop up gallery, run by Eric Perkins
performance by Jennifer Weigel: Pieces of the Artist
Art event goers were invited to “take a piece of the artist home with them” as Jennifer Weigel offered them sample vials of toenail and skin clippings with certificates of authenticity, free for the occasion (normally $5).

Pieces of the Artist was originally included in FluxJob at the Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis, MN, 2014.

Participants included, Mary Campbell, Jennifer Weigel, Jonathan Stangroom and Viv de Dada.

Day de Dada at Lumen 2016

June 29, 2016


LUMEN is an authentic contemporary art experience in New York City featuring emerging and established artists. LUMEN’s goal is connecting artists with the community all while exposed in a nomadic alternative space. The annual event brings original visual, performance and installation art to new audiences, under the artistic vision of various curators from across NYC.

Members of Day de Dada performance art collective celebrated the 100th year anniversary of the Dada art movement with various actions & performances at LUMEN 2016

Mary Campbell commemorated the Baroness Elsa Von Fretag Loringhoven, M & M (Milenka Berengolc & Margaret Chase) became a springboard to twin troubles & double fun. Wear the Helmet of Truth and speak your mind! Have your head examined, literally!

Philip Sanders served us a series of events – virtual, augmented, mixed – chunks of what we experience – digitally captured & constructed, processed & projected back onto our 4D environment, Lydia Grey asked people to share their favorite things, Barbara Lubliner – Cautionistra challenged visitors to “pin the tale on the body”, Jennifer Weigel offered “Luck of the Dice” Roll to see what prize you receive.

“EAT MY WORDS” was hosted by Edible Eddie, a man who loves his food. How many foods can you name in the category you have chosen in one minute? A tasty game to play.”, “Hello My Name Is …..” Viv de Dada helped you chose your new “Lumen-ous Name”, Day de Dada spinning wheel constructed by Mark Semanchik.

What is a Wish Penny ?

August 8, 2015

Wishes – the Penny Project

Jennifer Weigel created Wishes, the Penny Project, to get people thinking about their own needs and desires while encouraging them to actively participate in the world around them. She first began dispensing wishes in 2008.


Writing down personal wants and desires and tossing them away can be very cathartic.

Go ahead and write or draw a wish of your own and attach it to a penny.  You are welcome to release your wish to the universe by placing it penny-side-up for another person to find, or keep as a memento.

At the Day de Dada “Wish Show” at the Culture Lounge on August 8, 2015 Jennifer set up a table and helped people create Wish Pennies to be kept, given away or left for someone to find.



This project is offered in tandem with the 11 Million Hands Project.

You are invited to participate by photographing your wish penny in your hand(s) and posting it to their Facebook page with the hashtag #11millionhands.

More information about The Wishes Penny Project 

“Find a penny pick it up..then all day you’ll have good luck”