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EVEnt at Sideshow Gallery

July 10, 2017
Day de Dada at EVEnt – Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, June 25, 2017

Fun, feminist, women-themed experimental performance art pieces with audience participation and interaction.

June 25, 4-6 at EVEnt, an exhibition at Sideshow Gallery

• Womanopoly
• Ms. Muscle dancing
• Viv de Dada Inquiring
• LA MER E spoken word stream of conscious poetry
• The Crone sharing words of wisdom
• Voodoo empowerment ritual
• Playing the Woman Card

With Artists:
Milenka Berengolc, Mary Campbell, Leslie Lowe, Barbara Lubliner, Vivian Vassar, Tamara Wyndham

More about Day de Dada
Day de Dada Performance Art Collective produces events based on concepts of the Dada and Fluxus art movements who used chance, nonsense and word play.

Since its first show in 2002, Staten Island based, “Day de Dada” has grown to include spontaneous and experimental performance art, installations, video, film, music, noise and interactive events that take place throughout the year. Events have included artists of all ages and backgrounds from Staten Island, the Tri State area, the further United States and Europe.

Viv Vassar and Mary Campbell, the collaborative team and organizers of “Day de Dada” are also participants in the international Fluxus community and participate in Fluxfests – gathering of artists inspired by and in continuation of the Fluxus movement.

More about EVEnt
Ten women artists express diverse points of view about being women in the 21st century.
Curator: Karmela Berg
Participating artists: Kim Alemian, USA; Lathoriel Badenhausen, USA; Karmela Berg, Israel; Margalit Berriet, France; Miriam Evers, USA; Sigrid Hynell Fleisher, Sweden –USA; Rido Jansen, The Netherlands; Kim Sillen, USA; Shira Toren, USA; Thea Zweerink, The Netherlands


Art Nurses at Panoply Performance Laboratory

December 15, 2016

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Sign in with Nurse Barbara for your check-up! Art health check-ups- done in a Dada fashion, interacting with patients, opening your mind with eye-bright tea, some soul searching questions and then giving you your personal prescription.
Art Nurses include- Viv de Dada, Mary Campbell, Barbara Lubliner and Milenka Berengolc

(Day de Dada Art Nurses working for you 6-7:30 pm)
Saturday, December 10 at Panoply Performance Laboratory 104 Meserole St, Brooklyn, NY
Part of Performancy Forum: 1. glitch (heal) OR 2. gore (harm)

photos by Leslie Lowe and Mary Campbell

Art by the Ferry 2016

July 30, 2016

DDD_abtf fairies_GR

Day de Dada as the Art by the Ferry Fairies ask “What Inspires You ?” at Art by the Ferry 2016 sponsored by the Staten Island Creative Community (SICC)

Day de Dada facilitated the Staten Island observance of the “How to draw a bunny” facebook internet project, which included a live performance at Rhumfest in Kokomo Indiana on July 30, 2016 to celebrate the life of Ray Johnson a mail artist who used a bunny icon in much of his work. Many people contributed their version of bunnies to a community drawing.

Day de Dada at Lumen 2016

June 29, 2016


LUMEN is an authentic contemporary art experience in New York City featuring emerging and established artists. LUMEN’s goal is connecting artists with the community all while exposed in a nomadic alternative space. The annual event brings original visual, performance and installation art to new audiences, under the artistic vision of various curators from across NYC.

Members of Day de Dada performance art collective celebrated the 100th year anniversary of the Dada art movement with various actions & performances at LUMEN 2016

Mary Campbell commemorated the Baroness Elsa Von Fretag Loringhoven, M & M (Milenka Berengolc & Margaret Chase) became a springboard to twin troubles & double fun. Wear the Helmet of Truth and speak your mind! Have your head examined, literally!

Philip Sanders served us a series of events – virtual, augmented, mixed – chunks of what we experience – digitally captured & constructed, processed & projected back onto our 4D environment, Lydia Grey asked people to share their favorite things, Barbara Lubliner – Cautionistra challenged visitors to “pin the tale on the body”, Jennifer Weigel offered “Luck of the Dice” Roll to see what prize you receive.

“EAT MY WORDS” was hosted by Edible Eddie, a man who loves his food. How many foods can you name in the category you have chosen in one minute? A tasty game to play.”, “Hello My Name Is …..” Viv de Dada helped you chose your new “Lumen-ous Name”, Day de Dada spinning wheel constructed by Mark Semanchik.

Conference House Art Expo

May 24, 2016


Conference House Art Expo 2016

Artists of all disciplines, including Installation Art by Joyce Malerba Goldstein, Scott LoBaido, Nancy Quin, Elizabeth Sollazzo and Deborah Woodbridge. Crafters and Vendors of Hand Made Goods.

Special appearance by Staten Island Makerspace STEAM Wagon and Day de Dada!!!

Day de Dada Mandala Mail Art Table

The word Mandala means “circle”. A Mandala represents wholeness, a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds.

The mandala appears to us in all aspects of life, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and more obviously the circles of life encompassing friends, family and communities.

Day de Dada Ground Mandala (by Margaret Chase)

People decorate the Mandala with found objects – keeping the pattern balanced.

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Art Nurses at Lumen 2015 – Video

June 22, 2015

Day de Dada Art Nurses perform at LUMEN 2015
sponsored by SI Arts at Snug Harbor Cultural Center, Staten Island, NY June 20, 2015

Art Lab After Dark – Inspiration with Day de Dada

November 23, 2014


Art Lab After Dark Presents: An Inspirational Evening for Artful Spirits – October 18, 2014

An uplifting collaboration of music, performance, video, sand mandala, and psychic readings.  Explore “Totem Animals” and the “Wandering Healer” with Day de Dada.

“Wandering Healer” Milenka Berengolc

Artist as medium, and art as an energy exchange, in the merging of healing arts with performative art.






















“Totem Animals” Larry Schwabacher 

Have you ever found yourself drawn to a particular animal or creature and wondered why? Find out about animal totems and animal attraction with Larry Schwabacher, medicine card reader and animal spirit guide.


The Wish Sisters at Lumen 2014

July 2, 2014

Image“What do you wish for ?”  The Wish Sisters collect wishes and then release them to the Elements at Lumen 2014.



Re: Imagining Staten Island – Second Saturday Staten Island

April 26, 2014

  April 12, 2014  The Art Nurses collect wishes and dreams – open your mind and imagine the possibilities.  Deep Tanks, Staten Island


“We are the dreamers.  We dream about Staten  Island in the past and in the future.  Please share your dream about Staten Island with us.”



Dreamer # 1 “Urban farms everywhere, a house falls down and I see a garden, sustainable green vegetable gardens, with rocks of course and compost, lots of compost”

Dreamer # 2  “Beach cliffs near water, butterflies migrating south, horseshoe crabs in dirty water for 10’s of thousands of years”

Dreamer # 3 “Being a place of community, people come together because they want to have a feeling of solidarity, as if they can count on one another, kinship if you will.”

Dreamer # 6 “Ecologically eco sustaining art nature combined with people, gift exchanges, coalescing, dissolved.”

Dreamer # 11 “I, myself standing on big mountains, ocean, feel breeze passing by.”

Dreamer # 10 ” A waterfall, more buses, more ferries, more community theater, more friendship.”

Dreamer # 8 ” Sitting at High Rock Park, baby peepers. I love nature.  There are a lot of wonderful places in Staten island.”

Dreamer # 9 ” I see flying trapeze artists on the shore, clowns, avant garde surrealistic art.  I see circus.”

Dreamer #7  ” … more color candy shops with a new candy.”

Dreamer # 12  “A beautiful smile.”

Dreamer #16 “People help someone else out and being nice.  More conversation.”



Dream Inscription at I-Land

January 3, 2014

I-Land, December 14, 2013, SIABC,  Staten Island, NY

In I-Land, artists, musicians and performers offer self portraits that reflect on their relationship to Staten Island. This exhibition explores intimate and personal ways that creative individuals see, experience, live in, and dream about Staten Island. From deep psychological portraits to reflections from a quiet retreat in the borough’s green spaces, this exhibition traces myriad & diverse individual expressions of I-Land.

“Dream Inscription” Day de Dada at I-Land


“We are the dreamers.  We dream about Staten Island in the past and in the future.  Please share your dream about Staten Island with us.”

Staten Island Dream Map

Staten Island Dream Map