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Conference House Art Expo

May 24, 2016


Conference House Art Expo 2016

Artists of all disciplines, including Installation Art by Joyce Malerba Goldstein, Scott LoBaido, Nancy Quin, Elizabeth Sollazzo and Deborah Woodbridge. Crafters and Vendors of Hand Made Goods.

Special appearance by Staten Island Makerspace STEAM Wagon and Day de Dada!!!

Day de Dada Mandala Mail Art Table

The word Mandala means “circle”. A Mandala represents wholeness, a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to infinity, extending beyond and within our bodies and minds.

The mandala appears to us in all aspects of life, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon and more obviously the circles of life encompassing friends, family and communities.

Day de Dada Ground Mandala (by Margaret Chase)

People decorate the Mandala with found objects – keeping the pattern balanced.

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Mail Art Collection Event – The Conference House 2015

May 25, 2015

What do you wish ?  postcards, paper, markers, stamps, collage materials, glue, crayons and more were provided by Day de Dada at the Wish Mail Art Event at the Elements Art Expo NYC at The Conference House  Staten Island on Saturday, April 25, 2015.  We even provided a mail box.

Wish Mail Art Event at the Elements Art Expo NYC at the Conference House Staten Island with Day de Dada

Elements Art Show NYC