The Ancient Elements Score Book

“The Ancient Elements: Earth, Air, Fire and Water Scores”

Day de Dada performance of short scores collected from the international Fluxus community based on the theme of earth, air and water, at the Creative Photographers Guild Gallery in Staten Island, NY.

Broadcast live through Bambuser

Spontaneous, interactive and
experimental pieces.
More at
Performance Art Collective


Josh Ronsen  Austin, Texas
Terrible Task No. 1
Move a small pile of dirt from one side of the room to the other,
one speck at a time, like an ant (or with tweezers).
Get other people to help.

Allan Revich Toronto, Canada
12 Events for a Small Blue Planet
Examine the known universe. Find a small blue planet.
Hold the small blue planet in the palm of your hand.
Roll the small blue planet between your ngers.
Be very careful, there may be tiny things living on its surface.
Smell the small blue panet. Try not inhale anything living on it.
Taste the water on its surface. See if it is salty or sweet.
Use a magnifying glass to look at the planets surface.
Do not burn anything.
Show the small blue planet to your friends.
Nurture your small blue planet.
Ask your friends to help you nurture your small blue planet.
Keep your small blue planet safe.
Treasure your small blue planet.
Behave as if this is the only small blue planet that you will ever have.

John M. Bennett Columbus, Ohio
Drink from a glass of water.
Hold some water in your mouth and say the word “water”.
Wipe on your shirt with a towel.

Jody Clowes Madison, WI
Water Respect Action
Pour a glass of water from the tap.
Remember all the times you’ve kept water running unnecessarily.
Thank the water and drink it down.

George Brecht  New York, NY
Drip Music
“a source of water and an empty vessel are arranged
so that the water falls into the vessel.”
George Brecht performing his “Incidental Music” in Amsterdam in 1961.
Many of his “pieces” consisted just of instructions.

Mary Campbell  Staten Island, NY
New pour score
4 people , a bottle and 4 cups
Person with bottle pours 1/4 of the liquid into a cup
and then pours it into the next persons cup.
They pour that into the next cup,
that person pours it into the last cup.
The person with the bottle pours another 1/4 of liquid
from the bottle into their cup and the pouring resumes.
It is done two more times. When all 4 glasses are lled
a toast is made and the liquid is drunk up.

John M. Bennett  Columbus, Ohio
Drink from a glass of water.
Hold some water in your mouth and say the word “water”.
Wipe off your shirt with a towel.

C. Mehrl Bennett Columbus, Ohio
Burn this
Poem. Bury the
Ashes in potted dirt.
Water daily until something

Lydia Grey  Somerville, NJ
— small medicine bottle with dropper lid
— water (in bottle)
— seeds (in paper packets showing what they become)
— soil (in small container)
— all materials should t in the performer’s pocket
or a small pouch between interactions
— find a willing participant
— place a pinch of soil in their hand
— place a seed in the soil
— use the dropper to water the soil/seed

Jennifer Weigel St Louis, Missouri
Ashes to Ashes
Dust to Dust
May all return
to whence it came…

Svetlana Pesetskaya & Victoria Barvenko  Taganrog, Russia
HOW to explain to Joseph Beuys how to extinguish re
“pies, pancakes, fried hares and a prayer?”
The text is read by two persons or more
1. It was decided to call the highest forces for ght against
ery elements in those regions of the Rostov region where
there is the most unsuccessful situation with res.
2. The state inspectors – remen asked about carrying out
public prayers against res. Such church services already
took place in Bagayevsky, Upper Don, Proletarian,
Matveevo-Kurgansky regions of area.
3. For example, in the Proletarsky rural district where since
the beginning of year 11 (2011) res are registered,
with a request to protect services from re pass weekly…
4. For prevention of res in the territory of the Bagayevsky area
in Sacred Nikolsky, the public prayer of which there were
about 20 people is carried out too.
5. To prevent emergency situations, to the highest forces
addressed and in the Upper Don area where in
Sacred Nikolsky the temple priest Vladimir together
with the state inspectors – remen and 35 parishioners
uplifted prayers from fire.”
My God, rescue, keep and pardon.
Give us many pancakes, pies and hares to put out a fire

Mark Bloch New York, NY
Unexpected Wind Machine Event

Kurt Schwitters London, England
“Fury of Sneezing”
Tesch, Haisch, Tschiiaa
Haisch, Tschiiaa
Haisch, Happaisch
Happa peppe

Yoko Ono  New York, NY
Painting to See the Skies
Drill two holes into a canvas.
Hang it where you can see the sky.
(Change the place of hanging.
Try both the front and rear windows,
to see if the skies are different.)

Reed Altemus  Portland, Maine
Don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows
Lick your index nger
Hold it up in the air
to find out which way the wind blows

Viv de Dada  Staten Island, NY
Air Suggestions
• Describe Air
• Draw a picture of Air
• Share Air
• Take Air away
• Combine Air with another substance
• Say Air in as many ways as possible – воздух, aire, ajër, zrak, luft,
lucht, aero, õhk, ilma, lè, levego, udara, aer, aria, oro, arja, powietrze,
ar, hewa, hava, không khí, awyr

Allen Bukoff Birmingham, Michigan
Fluxus Meditation (the persistence of “here”)
Stand outside in a slight to strong breeze.
1. Face the wind
2. Close your eyes.
3. Feel the wind on your face.
4. Imagine yourself dissolving into the wind
5. After a while, open your eyes and see if you are still here.

JF Chapelle Merignac, France
Red Salad
Throw red beans in the sky on a windy day

Bibiana Padillo Maltos  Irvine, California
Out / In
Exhale all the air you can.
Inhale all the air you can.

Reid Wood Oberlin, Ohio
Earth, Air, Fire, Water
1. One cup of dirt.
2. Add enough water to mold dirt into a cake.
3. Stick birthday candle in top of cake.
4. Light birthday candle with match.
5. Blow out candle.

Mark Bloch New York, NY
4 FIFOMA Experiences
For Bibiana and family
(don’t try this at home)
Pour Earth on your head.
Pour Air on your head.
Pour Fire on your head.
Pour Water on your head.

Reuben SandwichStaten Island, NY
Transpiration Piece
Call someone
Ask them what they wish for
Write the wish down on a piece of paper
burn it.

Darlene Domel  Chicago, Illinois
Collect several old birthday cards
or write the words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”
on several pieces of paper…colored ok
tear the cards or paper into confetti size pieces
throw the pieces into the air and shout

Picasso Gaglione  Chicago, IL
Shout it to the Four Directions
Face east, west, north and south.
Have one or more people yell as loud as possible

Jennifer Weigel St Louis, MO  Viv de Dada  Staten Island, NY
Taste the Rainbow
Perform multiple times, both solo and sharing
eat / share rainbow cookies from Toni’s Patisserie across from
Cultural Center in Chicago or a rainbow food from Staten Island.
When sharing, break into pieces offer with the invitation, “Taste the Rainbow”

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