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Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI December 2010

December 11, 2010
Glow at the St George Ball - Day de Dada

Slide Show from "Glow"

On Saturday December 11th, 2010 Day de Dada artists met at the Staten Island Museum  for “Glow” at the annual St George Ball.

The “Glow” Art Party included performances and installations on every floor of the Staten Island Museum.  Partygoers were able to greet a gorilla, find out their net worth as a walking talking art piece, choose a pat down or a hug, watch interactive  projections on the wall, meet a Dragonfly and sample a special dada brew.  Psychoanalysts were on hand to turn deepest dreams and desires into poetry.  Installations included sculptures of fantastical animals, the shifting lights of Clowntrodden, black and white figures and florescent rocks.  Even the plastic cups used at the celebration turned into a family of walking sculptures.  All together over 20 artists participated and helped to create a dada filled evening with a willing audience and a museum that knows how to throw a party.

Artists who participated in Glow include:

Brendan Coyle   “Clowntrodden”

Amanda Curtis   “Prismatic Mouse”

Michele Guttenberg    “Mistress of Wearable Art”

Viv de Dada    “Dotty for Dada”

Mark Semanchik and Taylor Moore   “Minute 15 Random Chance DJ”

Domi Clout   “Crystal”

Phil Sanders   “Wun(der)Kammer/a”

DB Lampman   “Cup Garden”

Richard Plunkett   “Elephant, Polar Bear and Deer”

Jim Jeffers   “Close Encounters (Superhero Action)”

Typewriter Girls   ” The Poetry Cure”

Tamara Wyndham    “Pocket Lady”

Minnie Van Driver   “Miss Eau de Dada 1927’s Good Taste Tastes Good Salon”

Louis Vassar Semanchik   “The Greeting Gorilla”

Mary Campbell  “Dragonfly de Dada”

Barbara Lubliner   “Lady Muscle Celebrating Powerful Nurturing Women in the Ranks and at
the Helm of the Staten Island Museum”

Leslie Lowe   “Radiate”