The Wish Sisters at Figment 2022 – Day de Dada

June 4, 2022

The Wish Sisters at Figment 2022 – Day de Dada

Collecting and Releasing Wishes Action June 4, 2022

More pictures at Day de Dada on Facebook

Wish Sisters:

Barbara Lubliner

Lydia Grey

Margaret Chase

Mary Campbell

Milenka Berengolc

Tamara Wyndham

Here’s to 20 Years of Day de Dada 4/30/22

May 6, 2022

To celebrate 20 years of Day de Dada Performance Art we gathered on Saturday, 4/30/22 at Amira Cafe on Van Duzer St, Staten Island across from the site of the group’s first performance art event at the Muddy Cup. Many friends and artists joined us, performed, or sent scores.

Day de Dada spontaneous, experimental, audience participation, and fun! Here’s to 20 more years!

Performances and Scores by:

Barbara Lubliner

Douglass LaTourette

Jennifer Weigel

Jim Jeffers
Jonathan Leiter
Joan Moore and Gary Moore
Larry Schwabacher
Lydia Grey

Margaret Chase
Mary Campbell

Milenka Berengolc

Nadette Stasi
Philip Sanders
Phoebe Blue

Sarah Kolb
Staten Island Trash – Wil Wynn, Nanci Richards
Viv de Dada

Here’s a Look Back for Day de Dada

April 25, 2022

Since we are celebrating 20 years of Day de Dada performances and events here’s a look back at our 10 Year Anniversary slide show. Enjoy!

20 Years, Celebration! Day de Dada!

April 7, 2022

Saturday, April 30, 2022, at 2 PM EST – 4 PM EST
Meet at Amiras Cafe 387 Van Duzer, Staten Island, NY, Stapleton

20 years ago Day de Dada produced the group’s first performance art event at the Muddy Cup on Van Duzer Street in Staten Island!

We will be celebrating that anniversary with Day de Dada artists, reprising/ revising/ recycling previous performances on Sat 4/30/22 from 2 – 4pm.

The Muddy Cup no longer exists on Van Duzer Street so we will be performing across the street on the sidewalk in front of Amira Cafe. Come by and celebrate with us! Perform or just come by to observe, enjoy and take pictures. Amira Cafe will be open for business. Get a coffee or lunch there too.

You are invited to do a short (5 minutes approximately) performance or a visual ongoing piece (costume/headpiece/puppet.) Performers- we would love you to reprise or recycle and update an early performance in keeping with celebrating 20 years of Day de Dada, but remember this is a street performance so there is no electricity or changing rooms, keep it simple.

We hope to take a group photo that day too in front of the old Muddy Cup storefront.

Please let us know at if you are planning to perform on 4/30/2220

Can’t make it to Staten Island that day?
Send a short dada score to The deadline to submit scores is 4/24/22. We will perform the scores at this or future Day de Dada 20 Year Anniversary events.

Facebook event page for updates-

Puppet Poetry

March 21, 2022

Let’s celebrate World Puppet Day!
Bring your puppet(s) to our meet-up and have them recite a poem (short one please), something that you or someone else has written.

Any kind of puppet is good, draw lips on your fist, pull out the sock puppet we made last year, or use the fancy one that has been hanging around for years hoping to be activated!

Hansel and Gretel by Cat Doty – Mary Campbell

Why do they always go into the forest?
At it’s rim they pause to collect
The black green curls of the last sweet chard,
And with one swift look at the parents
Who cannot feed them, enter, obedient,
The prickling black cathedral, the icy pines.
Of course, when they’re starving, their house
Of cake appears- the freckled, gingery shoulder,
Redundant icing- they nibble until
They are captured and brought inside, faces
Glazed with shame and snot and sugar.

Do you suppose that the mother who sewed red flowers
On the little velvet bodice, the green suspenders,
Then counted the cupfuls of flour, the mouthfuls
Of sausage, and muttered, oh, damn them,
Send them to the witch? Witches must eat too, and some
Witches must eat children. I bet that gingerbread
House was a thing of beauty.

Then there’s the part of the tale where they trick
Their hostess, where Hansel says, that’s no chicken bone,
That’s my finger, where they flip the witch
Into her fire and pilfer her treasure. Then burdened
With precious jewels, they rush to their parents,
Dropping and emerald here, an opal there.
The world, you see, is then brought round to right:
Oily joy coats the cottage walls like soot.
The children are home, and the thick muck floor of the forest,
Be crumbled with jewels, out sparkles the pocky ink
Of that other sky.


ALE ON A SCALE – C. Mehrl Bennett





Under – Morning Rose Garden Sneakers – Liz Klein

under the rosebush
Twist ties
Generic wrappers
Rolled up tape
Sad eggroll dust
Roller Blades
Walrus Hats
And a box of free books

Under the rosebush
Damp mushrooms
Queen Elizabeth
Magazine dreams
Ana Banana Laughs
Stark runners
Dead eyes
Cold and sneaky
Stoli drinkers and squirrels
Wearing Walrus Hats
Rifle through a box of free books

Under the rosebush
Canvas Sneakers
Charred mangos
Standard Bocci Ball
Xoxo Label
Passing the Ballet Studio
Dancing Pig meadow
Ceramics dessert
Wearing a Walrus Hat
A box of free books.


INNER LIGHT – Meg Graham

Dripping fudge backward time stopped reflecting.
Dreaming of white cakewalks.
Drinking apples to illuminate and stretch the sunlight
To disperse,
To Ignite,
That inner, inner light.


Plague Rat Puppet performing Add n Pass vispo to Caged Rat by Soul Asylum – Jennifer Weigel


Puppet Brain – Viv de Dada

Cerebral finger puppet, a brain with Hand Sticker.

Puppet-like syndrome of Angelman. Autumn drops dead.

Don’t really know why you like me. Are you just starving for someone’s pysche?

Get your own crocheted Brain Slug, Digital Puppets, or Artificial Humans.

These puppets return and hunt a giant figure with wide-open eyes and a bug-like hand puppet.

Art Mind Art – Brain and mind: make me the puppet. Funny how these little crochet brains came into being.

Greetings Bird Brain London with an affinity for the bizarre and unique body, small heart, and tiny brain.

The notion that human beings walk, talk, think, and do things because our brains control us is a fringe idea.
What might be happening in your brain when you watch puppetry?

Home Sweet Home Exquisite Corpse

February 20, 2022

Let’s do a Home Sweet Home Exquisite Corpse. We will start with “Last year I spent a lot of time at home.” and who knows where it will go from there… You can accompany your reading with images or sound and movement.

Dada Absurd Gift Exchange 2021

December 19, 2021

December 19, 2021 Annual Dada Absurd Gift Exchange

Thank you to everyone who mailed and gifted the wonderful, the odd, the strange, and the dada. We all had a wonderful Zoom Holiday Party!

Participants included Viv de Dada, Barbara Lubliner, Bibiana Padilla Maltos, Cathi Schwalbe, Jennifer Weigel, Catherine Mehrl Bennett,
John Bennett, Lydia Gray, Margaret Chase, Mary Campbell, Doug Latourette, Meg Graham, Milenka, Berengolc, Tamara Wyndham,
Mark Semanchik, and Larry Schwabacher

20 years of Day de Dada! Let’s Celebrate

November 11, 2021

In April 2002 we held our first “Day de Dada,” a day of Dada Performance Art at the Muddy Cup Coffee House in Staten Island, NY.   Creating spontaneous live art that day was such an enjoyable experience that we decided to do it again, and again, until 20 years and over a hundred performance events later here we are.  20 Years of Day de Dada! 

Day de Dada started as an experiment. It has grown into a collective, a collaboration, an ongoing live art happening reaching out from Staten Island to include performance events and collaborations across the US, Canada, and Europe. 

How are we celebrating this momentous 20-year milestone?   Our 2022 theme is “Dada in the House – 20 Years and Beyond!”  Our 2022 events and performances will celebrate our Dada Anniversary and our Home Sweet Home World.

Here are some projects we are working on now.  More news will be released as plans are finalized. 

  • “Dada Domicile” a  3D Mail Art Show
  • More 3rd Sunday Zoom Events
  • Day de Dada Art Anniversary Party 
  • A spontaneous walk/performance on The High Line in Manhattan
  • “Dada in the House” live stream online visits to artists in their homes
  • Applying to the Staten Island Museum’s “Yes, And” A survey exhibition of art and artists connected to Staten Island.

Watch our Facebook page for updates . We invite you to join us for the celebrations!

“Home Sweet Home” at Art All Day on Divison Street, Somerville, NJ.

September 11, 2021

Day de Dada at the Hands-On Mail Art Workshop “Home Sweet Home” at Art All Day on Divison Street, Somerville, NJ.
Sat 9/11/21.

How would you describe or draw your Home Sweet Home? It could be a family, a community, a special place, or even a state of mind. At the Day de Dada Mail Art Workshop you’ll have a chance to express your vision and create a Home Sweet Home art piece to mail, share, or take home. “Art All Day” on Division Street

Art Nurse Walkabout Manhattan

August 7, 2021

Day de Dada Art Nurse Walkabout – NYC Saturday, August 7, 2021
The Day de Dada Art Nurses are on the move! Join us as we check New York’s creative pulse.