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Re: Imagining Staten Island – Second Saturday Staten Island

April 26, 2014

  April 12, 2014  The Art Nurses collect wishes and dreams – open your mind and imagine the possibilities.  Deep Tanks, Staten Island


“We are the dreamers.  We dream about Staten  Island in the past and in the future.  Please share your dream about Staten Island with us.”



Dreamer # 1 “Urban farms everywhere, a house falls down and I see a garden, sustainable green vegetable gardens, with rocks of course and compost, lots of compost”

Dreamer # 2  “Beach cliffs near water, butterflies migrating south, horseshoe crabs in dirty water for 10’s of thousands of years”

Dreamer # 3 “Being a place of community, people come together because they want to have a feeling of solidarity, as if they can count on one another, kinship if you will.”

Dreamer # 6 “Ecologically eco sustaining art nature combined with people, gift exchanges, coalescing, dissolved.”

Dreamer # 11 “I, myself standing on big mountains, ocean, feel breeze passing by.”

Dreamer # 10 ” A waterfall, more buses, more ferries, more community theater, more friendship.”

Dreamer # 8 ” Sitting at High Rock Park, baby peepers. I love nature.  There are a lot of wonderful places in Staten island.”

Dreamer # 9 ” I see flying trapeze artists on the shore, clowns, avant garde surrealistic art.  I see circus.”

Dreamer #7  ” … more color candy shops with a new candy.”

Dreamer # 12  “A beautiful smile.”

Dreamer #16 “People help someone else out and being nice.  More conversation.”