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About Day de Dada

Day de Dada Performance Art Collective produces events based on concepts of the dada and fluxus art movements who used chance, nonsense and word play. Day de Dada present spontaneous and experimental performance art pieces with audience participation and interaction.

“Day de Dada” was started by local artist Vivian Vassar (known as Hey Viv ! ) in 2002 after an inspiring visit to Café Voltaire in Zurich, a site of early 20th century Dada art. The original “Day de Dada” was planned as a one day event to showcase performance art on Staten Island.  Since this first show in 2002, “Day de Dada” has grown to include spontaneous and experimental performance art, installations, video, film, music, noise and interactive events that take place throughout the year.

The “Day de Dada – Performance Art Festival” shows have included artists of all ages and backgrounds from Staten Island, the Tri State area and Europe.

We seeks to educate and involve the public in understanding and enjoying the free nature of Dada art.  Frequent performances are given throughout the year to demonstrate and involve diverse audiences in Dada art and performance.  Workshops on Dada art and history have been presented in local schools to nurture the student’s interest and get them involved in performance art.

Viv Vassar and Mary Campbell, the collaborative team and organizers of Staten Island’s Day de Dada Performance Art Collective are also participants in the international Fluxus community and participate in Fluxfests – gathering of artists inspired by and in continuation of the Fluxus movement.

Viv Vassar creates interactive pieces that engage the audience and involve them in an ongoing actions, ruled by chance and luck. Each piece inspires a costume that is designed and worn by Viv.

Mary Campbell’s performance work includes- “Sitting and Knitting” an ongoing creation of a continual piece of knitting, “Dollars de Dada” where the audience member becomes the performer and she is one of the Art Nurses. A visual artist for over 20 years, she is presently working on collages based on the Hindi Goddess Annakama who has one thousand eyes.

Want to know about upcoming shows ?  Join our Day de Dada mailing list.  or email daydedada@yahoo.com

See Day de Dada Videos at:

Mary Campbell Youtube  

Viv de Dada Youtube

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