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Day de Dada at Second Saturday SI September 2010

September 15, 2010

   Second Saturday Staten Island, September 11, 2010 The Waffle King receives his subjects surrounded by his loyal subjects and the lovely Lady Waffle in Waiting and the Dauphin, Prince Eggo III          

 Lady Waffle in Waiting, the Waffle King and Prince Eggo III        




 The following interview was conducted by Day de Dada with the Waffle King over the course of one evening at various Second Saturday SI events.   

 Q: What are your thoughts as Waffle King?          

 WK:  “Hmmm as Waffle King I think a lot about waffles, waffles not only on the weekend but waffles at beakfast, lunch and dinner.  I wish to build my castle in waffles. If that is obsession, so be it!”     


Waffle King shares the Golden Waffle 
 Q. What’s your advice to young wafflers?         
 WK: “Embrace the waffle within. Seek out the sweet syrup and delightful dinges. Spread Nutella to all you meet.”  


Waffle King greets his subjects.        
Q: Prince Eggo III will rule one day. How will he be able to live up to your legacy?         
 WK: “He shan’t.”      
Q: There are those who claim the Golden Waffle has mysterious miraculous powers. What do you have to say about that?           
WK: “The Golden Waffle does have mysterious miraculous powers – it has the ability to make people full when they haven’t even eaten. Many peasant revolutions were over turned by the mere presence of the Golden Waffle. It’s origins are obscure but its power is potent. Just ask Sara Palin. …… She laughed at the Golden Waffle but now…. who is chuckling…. Look at Her ! She spurned the waffle but Obama embraced it in fact he makes a wonderful Chicken and Waffle if you ever have the opportunity.”           
An Elf and the Lady in Waffle Waiting cook up a plan        

Q: When will all the waffles be freed?   

  WK: “Not in my lifetime but in the lifetime of my packing tape child.”           

Waffle King cozies up to Coahsi       

Q: Who does the Waffle King love?           

 WK: “Any exective directors that I can find, yum yum. I like them in a nice stew with baby root vegetables and a waffle of course.”           

Q: Waffles seem to be everywhere these days. Why do you think that is?     

WK: “Because people have discovered the truth about waffles. They are perfect food, savory or sweet. Perfection. They make me feel happy, complete and satisfied. A waffle with speculoos  spread is soooo good. The world is finally appreciating the power of the waffle. ”           

Q: What was the best part of Second Saturday Staten Island?    

 WK: ” Kicking back with the masses at Red Martini. Taking some of the weight off my crown, being adored and having a cocktail.”           

 Good Night Sweet King – till next Second Saturday SI